Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cupcake Marathon- Day 3, Playing it Safe

I can't decide if I was playing it safe, being lame, or being a wimp today, because it is beautiful outside, and what did I do? I went to the gym and ran inside while the kids played and watched TV. I needed to do 8 per my marathon plan, and it was just too risky to try to have the second stroller run of the year/season be that long. I was going to have to drive out to Brighton and run at either Kensington or Island Lake to get enough path to do that by either going out and back or a loop, and that would have added about an hour to the outing, as well as limit my stretching afterwards, as well as the 10 minute ab routine and shower that I can do at the gym. I need to build up to 8 with them, after doing several 3-4 mile runs, as well as some 5s and 6s first. I also don't want to kill myself, since I am supposed to be starting my taper, and running at either Kensington or Island Lake would be a bit more challenging from a terrain standpoint than my typical neighborhood run with them.

Here are the stats from today: The treadmills automatically switch into "cool down mode" at 1 hour, so I need to stop it and reset it at an hour.


I know those are hard to read. The total is 8 miles, 1:07:55, total avg pace, 8:29min/miles.
The gym underwent management changes in the fall, and moved all the treadmills from an upstairs balcony that overlooked the floor to the front windows. I am not sure that I am loving the change, especially today. It was incredibly hot with the sun blaring down on the windows, and it just made me wish I was outside more. Also, there is NO people watching since you are facing out. I understand from a safety consideration that they can't be turned the other way because you don't want to risk falling off backwards into a window, but boy will I be glad when I can just run outside full time. Maybe they will move a few once it gets really hot in the summer.

I did see one funny thing today. While I was doing my abs (which is super short, only about 10 minutes, but rather intense), I saw a guy get on the elliptical, but then get off again, all within a couple of minutes. He must have noticed that I saw him get on and then off again, because he just starting shaking his head as he walked to the locker room. At least he recognized that about 2 minutes of elliptical weren't doing much good. Everyone has a bad day now and again, and I admit, anyone who was at the gym on a nice day like today (including myself) probably wasn't quite right in the head. I did get some vitamin D today once we got home by playing tag and making chalk art with the kids. Hopefully we can get out the bikes after nap time!

Finally, I added a few things to my blog in the last few days. Not sure if anyone has noticed or not.
1. Daily mile accomplishment sticker, 13.1. For some reason, I felt guilty about adding the 26.2 sticker since I haven't done a marathon since 2007, and especially not since I started blogging. I haven't RACED an 13.1 either since I started this site, but have run the distance. However, since I consider this blog a continuation of my Compex blog, and I did run 2 half marathons that I blogged about last year, I didn't feel bad about it. I figure I can wait another couple weeks to add the 26.2, even though an actual one is on my car and fridge right now.
2. I added a button to link to the Live Like Andi Foundation. Their entry is really down (I need to hurry up and enter too), and they really would rather pre-registered runners than race day registrations. It is a great run on May 14th, 2011, in Novi, MI. This will be their 4th year, and I have run in all of them so far. They offer a 10 mile, 10K, and 5K run, 5K walk, and a fashion walk. Please check it out and show your support! In the past, as well as being a great cause, they have had a great shirt too! Last year, I did the 10K, and the year before I did the 5K with the kids (see picture at top), and the first year, I did the 5K while pregnant. It is a family friendly stroller friendly race.


Unknown said...

A true runner will do anything for a great shirt, right?? :) Unfortunately I live in KS so that's too far away for me.
Put those stickers up! You accomplished it, so it counts! And BTW I also love (most of) Emenim, U2, And Black Eyed Peas. :)

Unknown said...

I've run inside on nice days too when something comes up. It's hard to do, but I get it! :)

I always giggle at the people on the elliptical who don't realize that there is an "on" button. They can go for what seems like ever without any resistance at all. Hello!

I wouldn't be able to run on a treadmill that didn't allow for people watching! How boring! ;)

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for your kind words! They really mean a lot to me!!! :)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Personally, you ran a mary, it doesnt matter when, the fact is that you ran one, so you can always say you ran one and its allows you to put a sticker on your blog, thats my opinion