Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cupcake Marathon 2011

For those of you who know me well, it should be no surprise that I am doing a Cupcake Marathon. I have a wicked addiction to baked goods, cake in particular. The photo above is of cupcakes I made last year to celebrate my "Birthday Big Brick" workout, which was an Olympic distance bike/run group training ride/run. Thanks to Kim (Just Trying is for Little Girls) for posting it on her blog, I am now signed up. It is a virtual race, where you can do either a full or half marathon over the course of 2 weeks, starting March 14th and ending March 26th. You do not need to run the whole thing at once. Check out the link here for information on how to get signed up. All participants will receive cupcake recipes, and they are giving away real cupcakes and cookies to the winners of the half and full. The best part is that the winners are chosen by random, so don't think you can't win this one! The nice thing is that the purpose of this race is to help people prepare for their spring marathons, so that fact that it won't be requiring any extra miles on my part is not cheating at all. All I (or you) need to do is track my mileage on their spreadsheet and take photos of the treadmill and Garmin screens as proof, plus take a photo wearing their cute race bib:

My spring marathon on April 2nd fits in perfectly with the timing and it should make my taper a lot more fun. I am curious to see if my total time will be faster or slower than my actual race. I am personally expecting it to be slower than race day, as I have some hills, intervals, and some easy runs scheduled for those two weeks as part of my taper. I miss being able to count my final 20 miler as part of the event by a couple days, but that should hopefully speed things up a tad. I do expect it to be faster than my most recent marathon in 2007, though.

Please let me know via comments if you decide to do this! I hope you do.

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