Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cupcake Marathon Day 1

Well, today is technically day 2 of the Cupcake Marathon, but it is Day 1 for me. Mondays are a planned day off from running, but I also took the day off from the bike (unplanned) due to being tired and I went to bed really early for me instead. I am going to make it up tonight, I hope. I kicked off the Cupcake Marathon with a speed workout that was courtesy of Dave Peterson. I couldn't swing the workout with the group, but I did 4x800s followed by 4x400s, and did enough warm up/cool down/rest between sets to get to a total of 5 miles for the day. Per the "rules" of the marathon, I am to document the mileage via photographs and spreadsheets. I really had a hard time getting a decent photo of the treadmill. I either had horrible glare or the reflection of myself. If you click on the picture, it will get bigger and easier to read, but it says 5 miles in 40:56. Sprints were done at 7:08 pace.

Also, they wanted a photograph of me in the race bib. I wished my TIA shirt was clean, and will take another picture in that later this week.

The plan for the Cupcake Marathon (for me) is the following:
3/15 - 5 miles - speed workout, plus indoor trainer ride
3/16- 1.2-3.4 miles - hopefully outside! I will miss my morning gym workout due to another commitment
3/17- 8 miles- long weekday run, probably inside, although the weather forecast is excellent. If it is outside, it will be a stroller run, perhaps an indoor trainer ride too
3/18- no running, 1.2 miles of swimming
3/19- 12 miles at Kensington
That should do it for me, and with a full week left. Tomorrow would normally be my indoor brick workout where I run sprints and just make up a distance based on the time, but since I have to miss it, I will just be doing a "normal" run outside. I haven't decided if I will stop at 1.2 to take a picture or just do my usual loop of 3.4 and hit my lap reset at 2.2 to get a decent time for that 1.2 miles that need to be accounted for.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun. Good luck!

Unknown said...

Great start and great intervals! Sure would be nice to borrow some of your miles this week, but you're right, I've got to earn them on my own. We're now planning to run 16 on Saturday, which will be the farthest I've ever run at one time. Glad I won't be doing it alone!