Sunday, January 11, 2015

Its 2015!!! Big Plans for the Year!

I've been quiet lately here on the blog.  I will go back and do recaps for a few of my missing races, especially because the 2014 Columbus Marathon was PRETTY major for me, finishing with a 3:34:10, my second fastest marathon ever, and getting me a BQ +5 for 2016!  Then I snuck in the half at the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon, more just for fun and because I had a free bib, and then went up to northern MI for the Iceman Cometh mountain bike race from Kalkaska to Traverse City.  It was crazy muddy and one of the hardest things I think I've ever done.  It was mudman with rain, sleet, and some snow to fully live up to the Iceman Cometh name.  And then I chilled for a bit, and STILL got crazy sick!  I called it the plague of 2014 #plagueof2014, but it clearly lasted until 2015.  I've essentially been sick and entire month.  I started running a legit fever on 12/13/14 and couldn't do my 13 mile run that I had planned to remember the awesome day.  I am still taking prednisone and a new antibiotic for the next two days (getting me to 1/13/15).  As a result, I am a wee bit behind on training for the Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon on April 25, 2015, but I'll manage.  The official training program doesn't start until this weekend, but since I don't consider myself a beginner anymore, I'd like to be on a harder plan than that.

Enough of a catch up!  The big news (that has been on facebook and twitter for a month now too), is that I am back representing Coeur Sports for 2015!  I am so excited to stay with this fabulous company.  I encourage you to check them out.  They not only have great gear but I love that they are all about racing your heart out, and being encouraging to other women.  The 2015 line isn't on their web page yet, but you can get some sneak peaks over on their facebook page.

Seeing this image online made my day!

I have a few other plans for 2015.  First, I am teaching barre pilates at the YMCA for the next few months.  I've been trying to break into teaching classes, and I really enjoy the barre classes.  One of the instructors is going on maternity leave, and I am taking her Monday night class.  Monday night is not ideal for me, but during the school year it works.  I won't be able to work my regular Monday morning shift and teach on days when school is out.  Its just too hard on the kids.  I'm going to worry about that later.  I think I'd rather drop the wellness shift and teach, except for the fall gets crazy with the kids after school schedules.  The kids come first in terms of my work schedule, so I'll sort it out once they have decided what they want to do.  I'd really like to pick up Patti's Friday morning class, because I don't usually work Fridays, so it won't conflict with anything, and is just a better time in general, but I'll take what I can get as I break into teaching. 

Running Plans:

I'm an ambassador for the KDF Marathon, so I'm running that as well as participating in their Norton Healthcare Training program to some degree.  Mostly I'll be coaching the Y's Triple Crown of Running training program, which builds distances and includes a 5K, 10K, and 10mile race.  Then many people will go on and run the KDF Mini Marathon (13.1miles).  Both of these programs kick off this weekend.  The Norton program is free, and there is a fee for the Y program.  One of the nice perks of the Y program is that transportation is provided to the races, and since all three of those races are HUGE, parking and getting there can sometimes be a challenge.  Plus you get me for the Y program!!!  I'll still be available for the Norton program, but I'll be at more of the Y group runs. 

Now, I am not doing the whole triple crown.  I'm doing the 10 miler plus a new race for me this year, the Run the Bluegrass Half Marathon in Lexington.  Run the Bluegrass has a partnership with KDF and they are offering a "Half Classic", where you run both, and you get an extra medal and special post party after the KDF race.  You can do the half or full at KDF, and the half at RTB to get the Half Classic designation.  Its a hilly race and calls itself the "prettiest half marathon" from a course standpoint.  I loved running the Iron Horse in Midway, KY, and it isn't far from there, so I'm expecting similar breathtaking horse farm views.

Cycling/Tri Plans:
I've got to get signed up for Iceman again, because last year was too awful to end that way!!! 
Horsey Hundred is also another must, because it is just such a well done event.  I've done it every year we've been here.  Its a nice tradition.
June T Rex tri (Triceratops).  I am hoping to get some dental work done in MI this summer, and time it with at least the first in the series, if not get 2 of them done. We'll see. 
This is where everything gets fuzzy.  Initially, I had wanted to do the Challenge New Albany Race, in Ohio, except that there isn't any information on it anywhere.  So I might do Muncie.  Again.  Its becoming a tradition too.  Everything came together so well last year though that I sort of feel "done" with this course.  I'd really like to do Ironman Louisville this year.  Its in October now, so there is more time to train with the kids in school, and that helps.  Plus I do well in cooler temps, so I'm not really afraid of it being silly cold or crazy hot.   So I'm also looking at Challenge Cedar Point as an option to lead up to it, but it would be more of an expensive training day since it is closer to IM than Muncie was in the past. 
I might try to get up to MI for the Beat the Heat ride, but Ryan doesn't have any friends interested.  If I can make it a girls weekend, them maybe.

The biggest downside to IM in October is that it kills the fall running.(and is a crap load of training)  I guess last summer I was really struggling to train for my fall race, due to the heat and was telling myself never again do a fall marathon, except race day was so awesome, that to miss out on that is a bit of a bummer.  Plus IM is close to Black Mountain Madness, Bourbon Chase, and all the other fall marathons in Columbus, Detroit, and here.  IMM is the same weekend as Iceman this year (as it is most years).

Finally, for 2015, I think I will be retiring the jogging strollers!  So sad!  The kids are just big enough that they can run or bike with us now, so that is great, but it is totally the end of an era.  I'm not sure what I want to do with the title of the blog.  I plan to keep the URL, but I might rename it.  I don't know. 


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Challenge New Albany is no longer in existence

Unknown said...

Are you back BDD? Yes, I feared that. I heard that HFP might take it over, but nothing firm yet. Boo. Now I really wish I had done it last year.

Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa, I'm Lindsey! I have a question and would love to speak with you. Please email me when you have a chance, thanks so much! Looking forward to hearing from you :)