Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend Update and Looking ahead to DETROIT Free Press (Half) Marathon

This post is probably going to be a bit all over the place.  At least I am warning you this time!  I wanted to do a day in the life post for SUAR, but we had an unusual weekend.  Friday was busy, with Keira having an event at school, Saturday was insane, as usual, but we celebrated Soren's birthday with my parents and friends, and then we have done nothing since because Soren is now sick.  I actually couldn't sleep last night because I think I was so well rested yesterday. 

I went to bed dreaming about how cool it would be to actually go to Kona.  I spent an unusually long amount of time watching coverage on Saturday night, and it had been on my mind.  I watched the battle for the women's race, and was glued!  I also stayed tuned in to watch Coach Troy from the Spinervals DVDs finish, and he did awesome, almost as fast as he did 20 years ago!!  I also saw my friend Amy finish, and her friend Laura, who ended up winning her AG.  Holy Smokes!  I cannot imagine how cool that would be.  I also had no idea how old Laura was, it gave me some serious inspiration, she is on the order of 20 years older than me.  I was going to watch for one of Ryan's friends, but once I saw that Amy passed him from the last split posted before the finish, I knew he was having an off day.  I had no clue when to expect him, or if he was going to finish after losing that much time.  He finished only about 20 minutes after Amy, so I probably should have been paying more attention and might have seen him.  I can't remember how much longer after Amy and Laura that I just sat glued to the screen. 

Then, this morning, I woke up and read that there is talk about letting you in if you have completed 12 or more Ironman.  This at least gave me the hope I needed.  I mean, there is the lottery, and I am sure by the time I have completed 12 IM, I will be super old and they will have probably upped the number to something bigger.  An Aquaphor teammate of mine has completed 42 IM.  I have no idea how she has time for this, or the money.  I know I could just enter the lottery, but I also know that if I do that, Ryan will be mega unhappy.  It is one thing to earn a spot.

Speaking of earning a spot, I recently said that the only way I would do NYC is if I qualified, and I am really hoping to do that this weekend.  Well, Meredith wrote about how those standards are changing to something sick.  I need to find the exact info, so I am not going to throw any numbers out, but basically, I am no where close to the 2013 standards.  This means this weekend is go time.  I have been having trouble getting excited to run a 7:15ish min/mile half marathon.  It is going to HURT!  I haven't been training quite as fast enough, and my distance/mileage is no where near it was in April when I ran a 1:38:39 on a very flat course.  I am signed up for Detroit this weekend, and then the 11.12 13.1 on 11/12/12.  Detroit is pretty flat, except for the bridge and tunnel.  The 11/12 race is not flat at all, and I signed up to try to get myself more socialized with the running community down here instead of doing my racing out of town.  My neighbors as well as ladies from church are doing it.  There is a 3rd half that is 2 weeks after Detroit, so right between them, that is supposed to be super flat, and Ryan has a friend who is hoping to qualify for NYC there.  I wasn't planning on that one because it is on a Sunday (yes, I know Detroit is too, but it is DETROIT, not some race that only Ryan's friend is doing.  Anyway, it is sort of putting some pressure on me to do really well at Detroit.  I was going into this week thinking, oh, I have all the time in the world to qualify (sort of, because who knows how long I will really have family in NYC to crash with), to YOU GOT ONE SHOT.  Enter, my "Lose Yourself" anthem that I sign to myself when I run, and got me my BQ.  It will have a whole heck of a lot more meaning in DETROIT!  I have my Tiger's ball cap on today (no need to look presentable with a sick kid, but I can represent).    I am getting pumped!

I have some concerns about the weekend, but also some major pluses:
-I hope the weather is cool and I can wear my standard "PR" outfit, pink under armor l/s top and black running tights, except that my half marathon PR was set in my team Aquaphor running s/s shirt and shorts.  I actually would rather do long sleeves and shorts, but mixing my Aquaphor shorts with my pink tee are definitely a fashion no no.  I have enough races where I don't need the team gear unless I want to.  I had thought about throwing on the singlet over the pink top, but again, the fashion police would get me.  I am debating on wearing sleeves with the aquaphor stuff.  I have a set that I have used before in a race, so it wouldn't be trying something new at this race.
-Diet.  I at like garbage all weekend, and I am working to fix it.  I know I ate bad when the bland oatmeal I usually choke down in the morning actually tasted great this morning.  I am doing well today so far.  Also, I am a bit worried about my lack of will power when it comes to cider and donuts.  We will be back in Cider and Donutland (MI) on Saturday, and hopefully I can resist and hold off until Sunday post race.  I did eat Chuck E Cheese Pizza and cake the day before Muncie 70.3, so perhaps it won't matter.
-Soren is sick.  I really hope I don't get sick too.  He is super cute and snuggly when he is sick and I just want to kiss him and squeeze him.  Is he not the cutest? He just curled up and went to sleep on the couch all by himself.  He asked that I turn off the TV in fact.  He is helping me rest by keeping me out of the pool.

+Pre Race Meals.  My pre-race dinner is DIALED IN.  I know exactly what to order at Noodles and Co, and WILL be eating there on Saturday night.  I also know what works during a race for me, nutrition wise.  My pre race breakfast of a Marathon Protein bar is already set aside, and I have my jet blackberry gu plus 2 roctane gus and 1 vanilla spare ready to go.
+I have done this course a million times, there will be lots of friends, fans, and excitement the whole way!
+The new shoes are awesome.  My feet actually felt better after running in them than before, and they are totally appreciating the new shoe love.
+Race day adrenaline is huge for me.  I have been able to run a lot faster on race day due to the adrenaline and being rested.  I just need to have a good day and not worry about blowing up.  When I do, just think of the IM video with the " 'till I Colapse" music.   I plan to start off at a 7:15 pace and hold on as long as possible.  That gives me 2 minutes of wiggle room. 

I will probably post once more before the race, but I am not sure how quickly I will be with a recap.  I will be at Ryan's parents on vacation, and don't want to waste a minute of my MI fall on the computer, unless it is night time and the kids are in bed, but then I might actually get to go on a date with Ryan since his parents will be around to potentially watch the kids!!!!


Colleen said...

Hope Soren starts feeling better... poor guy! :(

Best of luck this weekend. I have a feeling you are going to rock it! :)

Richelle said...

Holy cow... 42 IMs. I'd be lucky enough to finish one!

Good luck this weekend! You will be awesome!

Hope the little one feels better soon!

Matty O said...

Good stuff here! You are a very "mental" runner. I am the same way, think it all out, have a plan, execute the plan, simple right ? ;) haha.

Lucky for me, I have one running outfit, I am very easy to spot on the course and honestly it makes race morning SOOO easy for me to pick what I am wearing haha. Glad I don't have any big sponsorships though because being comfy while running is KEY for me.

You got this. Make sure you have your motivation music on hand for if/when you hit a wall. You will crush it this weekend! It's PR season :) We suffered all summer for the cooler temps to make us faster, take advantage of it!

PS, I agree with Ryan on the Kona statement... however, I have no desire to ever go there to race... that is a torture fest with the heat.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck on Sunday! I may try to head down there to cheer if I can get my act together. I want to find a way to somehow scam a registration for the half but doubtful that will happen.

Hope the kiddos are feeling better and you haven't gotten sick!

42 IMs is crazy - I want to do just 1 (well, maybe 2)... I read about a guy who did a TRIPLE IRON last weekend... unreal!