Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall in Kentucky is Pretty too and Attack of the Sheep

I didn't think I was going to do another post this week, but this morning I was looking at pictures of a northern MI fall vacation some friends took last week and started crying.  I was super homesick.  Then, I snapped out of it.  While I don't have Kensington, I DO have Old La Grange Road AND my neighborhood.  Since last Saturday was my last long run for maybe 2 weeks on Old La Grange Road, I went and drove on it today with my camera to take some pictures, as well as use the odometer on the car to see exactly how far it goes.  Of course, it ended in front of some dude's house, and he was in his yard when I needed to turn around in his drive.  I did explain myself- there was a HUGE "no outlet" sign not a quarter mile before his house, but I didn't realize it was that quick.  Whatever, he thought it was funny.  Here are some pictures from Old La Grange Road.  Also, Soren, is still sick, but it cheered him up that a train went by. 

Right at the 1 mile mark from 329 (3 miles into my run from my home), there is a sheep farm.  Normally, when I run by this farm, the sheep don't take any notice of me.  However, today, I hoped out of the car and the sheep started ba-ing and ran up to the fence!  It sort of made me nervous.  I don't know anything about the friendliness of these animals.  The sheep a the petting farms like people, but we were told not to touch the sheep a the farm in IN.  I didn't want to touch them, and were glad they were fenced.

I drove down a little ways, and the sheep followed me!

Here, I had stopped and turned on my flashers, because there were cars.  I had a lady (in the gray van) ask me if I needed help.  Again, I explained that I was just taking pictures where I run (in normal clothes).

We came back home, and then I went for a 3 mile run, with Soren.  I actually went pretty fast, but I did do a lot of stopping during the first mile and took these pictues.  It is about a half mile from my house to the main road, and most of it is outside of our neighborhood with a cow farm and just open space.  I didn't take any pictures in our neighborhood.  This is the hilly "hard" section of the run.

So there you have it.  I need to stop missing MI and just enjoy what I have.  MI fall isn't going anywhere (although I am a bit worried that a lot of the leaves will be gone there when I get there, and then the leaves will be gone here when we get back, but I don't know yet).  I did find some great spots to take pictures of the kids in cute fall clothes.  Now to get Soren healthy and Keira not crabby.  I am not sure if I will be able to get them dressed up and photographed today, although the lighting is great.  Keira has a playdate and Soren is crabby and looks tired.


fancy nancy said...

It looks beautiful! I rush around to get pics in fall colors with fall clothes on too! I feel like it comes in and then boom they're gone! I don't have sheep here to chase me...scary...we instead have wild turkeys!

Colleen said...

Looks great - we did a fall ride today... super slow and lots of pictures! :) My favorite time of year!

Hope Soren starts feeling better! :(

Heather-O said...

Beautiful pictures! Great idea to snap them along where you run! Reminds me of where I grew up out in the country!

Hoping everyone stays healthy! Feel better Soren!

Richelle said...

Beautiful photos! What a pretty place to run... and made even more memorable by the sheep. ;-)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I would love to bike there!!

Have fun in Detroit