Monday, February 6, 2012

Soggy Seventeen Miler- It's starting to get hard

So, things are getting hard.  There are a lot of reasons, actually.  The first is that is is HARD to run 17 miles!  Holy cow, that is not a laughing distance by any means!  That is big time marathon mode running there.  Also, I was really bummed out by the weather this past weekend.  We had unreal fabulous weather all week and then Saturday, "woke up to the sound of pouring rain" weather.  I was SOOO glad I had already committed to run with a group who was doing 8.  I'd  have to do the loop twice, and then run out another half mile and back, but that seemed totally doable.  The hardest part would be getting up and out the door at 7:30am, and getting up pretty much the same time I always do during the week.  I was sacrificing my ONLY morning to sleep in.  I guess it is time to do that.  With the running time now upwards of 2 hours and starting to approach 3, I am going to need to get up early so that we can still have a decent day with the family.  Or at least all lay around exhausted together :) 

I get to the shop and there were 4 other people there.  There was one other lady there, who I guess I scared off when I said I was going to do the loop twice.  She didn't run with us, and she was going to ride on the bike trainer instead.  I had prepared myself for everything, though.  The shop had a shower, and was just down the street from my gym, where I thought I could possibly finish up my extra 9 I needed.  I packed half my closet just in case.  Peter, my friend from the store who wanted me to come out probably won't ask me to come running again.  I have been so bored with running by myself and not having Cristina or Valerie to chat with that I pretty much couldn't shut up.  We held a decent 9 min/mile pace, which was great since we were so stinking wet.  It got to the point where we couldn't get any wetter, and just didn't even realize the rain.  The two other guys running with us were planning on doing the Derby full, which is a couple weeks after Boston.  I had one of the guys all sorts of scared because I was going to do the loop twice.  He kept asking me when my race was.  Yes, it is 2 weeks before yours and I am running more than twice you today, in the rain, because I am nuts, and I don't want to hurt in Boston, and want to finish like I belong there.  I have no doubt that he will finish his marathon, especially after I got home and consulted the plan I used for my first marathon.  It called out running 7 that day for a race date of the Derby.  I am using a more agressive plan, that is all.  When I got to the place where I wanted to restart my loop, he really couldn't believe that I was doing it again, but I did.  The second loop wasn't as bad as I feared.  We had a couple big hills, and I didn't get lost.  I was able to talk to a few other runners because it took me through some of the parks.  There was a 4 mile race there today, and I saw a lot of unhappy wet runners, as well as some happier ones, but everyone was soaked.  I chicked a few people, and felt pretty good for most of the run.  My stomach felt a bit funny each time right before I took a gu, so I was a bit worried to take it, but in the end, I was glad I did.  Perhaps this funny feeling was hunger?  I was glad I didn't have any stomach issues because it was so stinking miserable out, and with it being a new route to me, I wasn't really sure where I could find a bathroom or more water.  I know where they are in the park, but the route didn't take me by them, and then I would risk getting lost.  I have gotten lost in the park before, which also made me concerned.  I was so wet when I got back to the shop.  It felt so nice to be inside and not being rained on.  I had a hard time deciding if I wanted to shower and change there, change there, or just go home.  I would have to go back outside to the car to get clothes, so I opted to just go home. 

It was a great run.  My Garmin had me at exactly a 9min/mile pace, which is great for hills, rain, and unfamiliar territory.  However, I felt really sad.  I still have no one to run with.  One of my new landshark f/b friends said it was because no one can keep up with me, and I don't think that is true at all.  I mean, I am not a great runner by any means.  This tri club is so huge, I can't believe that I haven't yet been able to connect with the fast people.  Maybe some of it is my own fault for not trying out new group runs more often.  I was able to run with the group for a short time, but the only girl didn't want to run with us.  My 17 mile run last year was the one where the weather was bad, and I asked Cristina the night before to run with me, and she said yes.  She wasn't even training for anything.  When I showed up and the weather totally sucked, we did 12, and then I almost quit.  She didn't let me.  I miss that, and thought of her a ton on my run.  The guys were probably sick of hearing about her.  I almost called her while running, except it was so wet that I knew my old phone would not survive being removed from its ziploc.  I can't wait we can race again together!

We have also all been really tired lately.  Keira and Soren aren't eating a ton, and it is making me nervous for them.  I, on the other hand, have been eating way too much.  All of this training just makes me super hungry, and I am not selecting the best choices all the time.  The gym is running yet another promotion for free personal training, so I entered.  I really hope, for everyone else's sake, that I do not win.  It is a weight loss contest.  While I don't have a ton to lose, my weight was UP THERE today.  WHOA, and I know part of it was all the salt I had over the weekend, and that I made an exceptional batch of sugar cookies.  The last couple of times I made them, I didn't think they turned out the best, but this time, DANG!  I ate WAY too many of those bad boys.  I only wish I could weigh in AFTER our upcoming ski trip, and not before.   It is going to be really hard to eat well out there, but at least I will be skiing, and using different muscles.  I could use the break from the rest of my training.  I have 19 miles on the schedule for this Saturday, since I am switching our week of skiing to a recovery step back week.  Hopefully that is an OK thing.  It means 3 weeks of building instead of 2, but then I get a whole week off of the daily grind.  Skiing will be hard and tiring, but it will be fun too.   Hopefully we come back more rested and with no more additional ailments! 

I hope everyone else has a great week!


Laura Boll said...

Way to go on your 17!! I know what you mean about finding running partners, I haven't had much luck either. Too bad all the running bloggers don't live in the same town. I'd run with you! :) I hear you on eating too much too, marathon training does the same thing to me!

Meredith said...

I don't think running by yourself is such a bad thing. Your goals are YOUR goals and no one else's. Plus you learn to push yourself or back off when YOU need to and not when anyone else does.

And no more talk about your eating and weight. You are SO FAR from being overweight. I wound venture to say you're a little too thin. Be happy with YOU.

Shelby said...

Awwww you will see Cristina again when you visit home this summer!

No friends like best friends, that's for sure.

Ginger Spansel said...

Darn! I have an 11 miler this weekend - run mine at 9:00's and would totally love to run with you. Go Team Aquaphor!!!!

Download some GoTRIBAL Podcasts! They helped on my solo 10 last weekend!