Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Yankz Review

Things have been going surprisingly well, despite rain keeping me indoors and having a sad toddler who (at least per day) breaks down and cries, "I want to go home". I am really glad I am currently running a giveaway because I have won TWO giveaways recently. The first product was a pair of Yankz laces that I won from Chad, Ironman and new manager of the Novi Running Fit, one of my favorite stores in MI. His blog is part of Running Fit's multisport blog,

I received my Yankz a couple days before the Derby race, and it was killing me to try them out. I was good, and resisted the temptation to try something new during a race, (although I did use a new fuel belt, messing with my feet is a little different). It was fun to get mail here at the new address too! The installation directions looked a bit complicated just because they were long, but then I read them through and they were not difficult at all and included step by step instructions with photos. Here are my shoes all ready to go:

I got them all set up and they feel comfortably tight, although I can still slip my feet in and out of them. I ran 5 miles in them yesterday and they felt great. I really am wondering how I ever lived without these, especially as a triathlete. I had been using lace locks (also purchased from Running Fit) for my previous tris, but those were annoying whenever I wasn't racing because my laces were too long when just secured with them (I dealt with it for racing). I couldn't cut the laces because I needed the length to be able to slip my feet in. If I didn't keep them installed, I lost them. I am pretty sure I have a single lace lock in my change purse right now with no mate. I love that these are just on and there all the time. I think I may need to get a second pair to put in my bum around town old running shoes so I don't have tie or untie them either. I probably won't, since it is SUPPOSED to be flip flop season - I shouldn't have to worry about wearing shoes for anything other than running or biking soon anyway.

I wish I had a pair to give away, but I just won the single pair and they are MINE. You can check out Yankz on their website ( or go to Running Fit to get some. I love that you can get them customized with your own logo too for a large order. The pair I have has the Running Fit multisport logo on it, and that is so appropriate for me since most of my tris are theirs.

Also, I wanted to thank Kim at (Just) Trying is for Little Girls ( for randomly picking me to win the Chocolate #9 giveaway. I am so excited about this because I am both a gel AND chocolate addict, so this is perfect for me. Hopefully I will get them before Live Like Andi 10 mile so that I can try them first in training and then race with one to give a full review of those as well. Otherwise, my next race is *GASP* Racing for Recovery, and since this whole distance is new, I am going to be using as much old standby stuff as possible for that one (vanilla/plain gu with maybe a cherry lime roctane for variety), although the Chocolate #9 will be used for training I am sure, or the Triceratops tri the next week.

Finally, as you can see from the links appearing in the text, I am still having trouble pasting links. I am sorry to my new Aquaphor team mates who have added me to their blogs as well as the other new followers sites that I am following now too and I have been unable to return the favor since adding links is not agreeable to the new laptop. Worst case, I will be on the desktop for LLA and will get my blog roll fixed then. Spell check isn't working either, so I am sorry about that too. Hopefully I am able to find all my own errors. Also, even though I was provided with these Yankz, free of charge, this is still my own opinion.


Anonymous said...

I loved my Yankz! I hope you are enjoying your new home!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I love Yankz!!!