Sunday, May 15, 2011

Live Like Andi 10 mile Race Recap and Being a Responsible Adult/Mother

I am going to do this post in reverse chronological order...Hopefully that won't be too bothersome to read. I wanted to start with my race recap before going into some other items from last week. With the blogger outage, I had to do a catch up post that I tagged on to the end here. I am in MI, so notice the links look better and I was able to use spell check! I hope to get all my followers added to the blog roll and make an Aquaphor one shortly as well.

On Saturday, I did the Live Like Andi 10 mile run. It is for a great cause. Please check out the link on the sidebar for more info. I was excited for this run because I knew it would be for fun again. With Cristina running, there was no way I was going to win, and with the training week I had put it, I really had no clue what I would do anyway. Also, we had our church talent show the night before, and I had probably a few more baked good than I should have, as well as spent a lot of time chasing the kids. I thought it would be great if I could run at the same pace today as I did for the Derby race, but also felt it was unlikely for a couple reasons. First, it was raining. Oh, how I love this reason to take it easy. Second, I ran a lot this week already. In fact, this is the first week in a LONG time that I have run on 5 days (including the race). I had no taper whatsoever, and I could not with R4R looming just 3 weeks from today (eek!). I am still building, and with all this rain lately, I have just been trying to run as much as I can since that is something I can do in the rain.

Boy, is it nice to do a race where I don't need to look at a map to get there! My last couple I have, either due to being new in the area or weird road construction. I got there with plenty of time and met up with Cristina.

We hung out a bit and tried our best to stay dry before the start. We also found Kari and Kari, as well as a few others. We chatted with Greg from Sadler Shots, and were super excited to see our poster from last year as a flyer that was being distributed! I am on the left and Cristina is on the right. We don't know the guy on the bike.

The run was fairly uneventful for me. It did stop raining. I started off sort of fast, and by about the halfway point, I felt tired. I did not feel rested coming into this race, and I could feel it now. I felt a bit better when I took my gu at mile 5, but my pace just didn't come back down. I was glad to feel better about it, though. With the race being smaller, I was alone for quite a bit. As I finished up, there was a turn with just a police officer, not a course marshal. I knew from the past that this was the turn, as well as from the person ahead of me. As it turns out, Cristina missed this turn and went into the front entrance of the school. We didn't figure it out until we walked back on the course to find Kari and Kari. Cristina wondered why they were coming from that direction, since she didn't. She also wondered why she was running in traffic! After a quick comparison of our Garmins, we learned that she had added on an extra .25 of a mile. Thankfully, she didn't lose any places due to this mistake, but narrowly held onto her 2nd female spot. I was the 6th female, 34th overall, and 2nd in my age group with an official time of 1:17:24.

Here is the after picture. It took me forever to decide between the pink and the white socks. Andi was all about being fashionable- this race has a fashion walk, and I couldn't decide if wearing the pink would be honoring her with its cuteness or dishonoring her since it didn't match. In the end, I was glad I did since it was wet and the pink is a happier color and easier to clean on a day like today. Also, Cristina and I might have looked too much alike, especially had I chosen the tank too!

We also found Keira's preschool teacher, Miss Jan. It was great to see her, and she ran the 10K, finishing 1st in her age and 13th female. She has run Boston a few times too. I hope to still be running that fast when I am her age!

In other news, I think I am missing a few comments from the great blogger outage of 2011 on my I Want That Hat giveaway post. Please make sure you have the correct number of comments for the entries you think you should have. Also, if you have not yet entered, please do!

I also did my first ever official group ride! It was a ladies only ride out of the VO2 Multisport store in KY. It was fun and more of a social ride. We still averaged 16mph for 20 miles, and I when ahead and ran 2 miles after (hence my extra day of running this week).

Finally, this probably should be a separate post, but it is time to be a responsible adult/parent:

That is no fun sometimes :( I have had a bit of a [MAJOR]scheduling crisis for my August tris. School in KY starts August 10th (or August 15th where our apt is located). The first crisis is that we can't send Keira to public school using our apt address. They are just not good, so we are going to need to scramble to get moved now. The second crisis is that Steelhead is now completely OUT. T-Rex is also completely OUT. I am not really sure what will happen with the Maybury Time Trial. I think I will let Ryan decide if he is going to do it. If he wants to, then I am in, if not, then it is also out. Keira may miss a half day to do it, so not a big deal. Ryan won this race last year, and has been his "A" race for many years. This sort of solves my problem of how I was going to live through that week of 3 races, but it was also completely disappointing to have my "A" race completely not an option. I can't hardly have my daughter miss her first day of Kindergarten EVER (which in Jefferson Co is the day after Steelhead) or miss the whole second week of school (if we are in Oldham Co, which is what we want). What kind of responsible adult would I be? Seriously. So, I totally should have listened to BBD and Shelby when I did my "freak out" post and decided then to do Muncie. I am deciding now, which means I have a little less time to prepare, but honestly, the weather has been such a problem and with Ryan's training being all messed up too, I don't know that it would have changed much in my training plan (or lack thereof). I do have a HUGE week of cycling lined up and have become the MASTER at acquiring babysitters to ride, thanks to some AWESOME friends hooking me up (oh, and I am in MI still for this week, hence the babysitters). This week is going to be great! Now all I have to do is get some hotel rooms for Muncie and hope it doesn't sell out before R4R is over. I don't think I can be signed up for 2 70.3s without having done any EVER before.

Now that would be irresponsible.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your race!

BDD is not doing Muncie anymore either so it's just me the lone soldier, you need to do it!

Good job on that ride. R4R will be a breeze =)

Richelle said...

Nice work at the race!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Congrats on the race and taking a poduim spot

Sadly, I will not be at Muncie, I cant afford it and it sucks. I would inquire about hotel ASAP, we inquired and found none in a reasonable driving distance, so we were gonna camp close by

Cari Mugz said...

Whoo Hoo!! Great job! :)

Colleen said...

Congrats on a great race Melissa! :)