Monday, May 9, 2011

And the winner is:

Erin! at E-Run ( - yes, still more issues over here with pasting links. ARGH! picked you with #3.

Please send me an email with your address and I will get that right over to you!
m (dot) christensen (at) live (dot) com

Also, I am getting stressed about having only 27 days from now until Racing for Recovery. Yikes! I spent last weekend having a great little vacation in Chattanooga for my husband's century ride called the 3 State 3 Mountain Challenge. This area had recently been hit by tornados, so the ride was shortened a bit and it was only 2 mountains instead of 3. My husband and his group are like me and will ride in circles in the parking lots to make sure their Garmin's read "100" or whatever round number they need to get to, so they opted to ride from our hotel to the start and back to get their full century. Even with the hills, they averaged 19.4mph. WOW. Maybe I can just have Ryan bike for me in R4R. No one would notice that, right? Ryan is in the middle. We were pretty excited because we had Austin (far left) who got the #1 bib, because he was alphabetically first. It made us all feel cool.

Hopefully I can get in a group ride today if Ryan can get out of his meeting on time and the weather holds out. It has been beautiful all day so far, but with the luck I have been having getting time in on the bike, I can't say for sure that it is a go yet. I didn't get any riding in this past weekend due to the trip. With the kids, staying home would not have gotten me any more riding either, so I just enjoyed it, seeing sights and eating. I did get in a short 3 mile run in downtown Chattanooga with the stroller. It was hard to find a route not knowing much of the area. The path I planned on taking when consulting the map was not stroller friendly, so I ended up doing a lot of walking, but I am sure I got a good workout chasing 2 kids around all day in a new city. I will be hoping to post pictures on my personal blog in the next day or two if you want to check it out. We took over 200 on two different cameras, so it is going to take me some time to sort through them and get them uploaded. Here are a couple favorites to hold you over:

Check back tomorrow for another giveaway! Yeah!


Anonymous said...

Awesome! First give-away win! Love the pics of the fam. Hope the weather holds out for you!

Colleen said...

The pictures are great!

Don't sweat the race... you'll be fine! 27 days is plenty! :)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

19.4 average foe that ride is impressive!!!

27 days enough time, your run fitness is there, 3-4 50 mile rides should get you ready