Monday, February 21, 2011

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

I don't really like complaining on my blog, and if you read much of my personal one, you will think my life if all roses and rainbows, as I really only include mostly positive things on it. As this is a training blog, and things in training don't always go as planned, I wanted to elaborate on my week.

We had really high hopes for last week. It was supposed to be a step down week so I planned to have things be a bit lighter, so that was a good thing. I did have some really good things happen this week, but they came with some bad.

1. Valentines Day was great, but it also led to me practically taking a "cheat week" from my diet. Mmm Chocolate and cupcakes! Got to get back on the diet horse again. Grr!

2. 3 Birthday parties to take kids- this turned into 1 birthday party as the birthday boy got sick and postponed, we got sick and missed one, and then we finally got to go the last one. This also resulted in more cake eating for me.

3. During the sickness, I missed an 8 mile run scheduled for Thursday. I couldn't take Keira to the gym on Thursday, and I was so exhausted from her being up in the night that I could not have done it that evening once Ryan got home. I just wanted to go to bed. To make matters worse, it was a fabulous day and I didn't even know it b/c we were all crashed on the couch all day.

4. Both Team Compex and Team Marathon will no longer be able to sponsor me in 2011. Major bad news.....Team Compex will not have a team in 2011, so that is a bummer for everyone. Team Marathon will only be sponsoring runners living around Rock n Roll Marathon events for 2011. This is not me. Even after we move, I still won't be in one of their target market areas. The good news is that I did apply for Team Aquaphor, and spoke personally with one of the team managers to express how bummed I was and how bad I wanted to continue with them. Hopefully I will get picked.
If you are interested in applying for Team Aquaphor, go to and submit your profile and application by Feb 28th, and please say that I referred you!

5. I did my long run indoors on the treadmill at the gym on Saturday. I got it done, is pretty much what I can say. I missed all the warm outdoor running weather with the sickness and due to the party, I had to run in the morning on Saturday. Ryan was sick too now, so I couldn't leave the kids with him to at least be outside in the cold, even though I had even arranged to run with Valerie. No go. I also got some of the worst chaffing I have ever had from running in a short skirt that far. The liner kept riding up and it was just not good. I am not sure if it is related to the "diet" issues above or if it is the skirt. I do need to be careful depending on the skirt and the distance. I usually use some sort of skin protectant with skirts and didn't today, and didn't have any with me either to grab once it started. This skirt may be relegated to 4 miles and under from now on. Perhaps I will get the Aquaphor sponsorship and this will take care of that! I have horrible skin issues in general, with eczema, blisters, chaffing, so I really need this sponsorship.

6. I did a core fitness class at the gym and Cristina came too. This was good and bad. There really wasn't anything wrong with the class except it really just wasn't my style, and considering it was a new class, I should have been a lot more sore after it. I wasn't. I think I could have gotten in a much more effective ab workout on my own in less time. It wasn't challenging enough, and I got scolded for talking during the class, as it just wasn't difficult enough for me. I don't think I will do this class again because it cut my swim time short to stay under the 2 hour childcare limit at the gym. Perhaps once the weather warms up and I can do more outside instead of being stuck inside all the time, I will do it again.

7. We did our taxes, and yea, I can bring my new tri bike home. I just need to schedule a fitting for it, and it comes home. Yea! There will be a full post on it once I bring it home.

I am really hoping this week will turn out better. I am not excited about all this chaffing. The only thing worse than all this chaffing is having to go have my "annual exam" with all this chaffing, which I will have to do THIS week. So not happy about that. It was bad enough to wear a swimsuit today in the pool. I have another big 20 miler planned for Saturday. Hopefully I will not get sick too and be able to have a good week!

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