Monday, February 7, 2011

Go Detroit!

I didn't really think I would do a post on this, or this soon after yesterday's quick post, but I really wanted to share this commercial:

I wish it was a Ford commercial, but I will take any positive press on Detroit. I LOVE Detroit. It was the home of my first "real" job. I worked for Ford after graduating college up until I had children, and they sent me to Detroit to work for my first assignment. When I say Detroit, I mean DETROIT, like wrought iron spiked security fence around my plant Detroit. I-94 and VanDyke Detroit. It was a drive from the 'burbs, but I loved it. I loved the people who worked in the plant, I loved getting all kinds of food for lunches out in Hamtramck, and the crazy drive I did where I took 8 mile all the way in to work one day on account of construction. It was actually very fast, as it was the most direct way to get there, and wasn't as terrible and scary as I thought it would be.

In addition to working in Detroit, I love racing in Detroit. Prior to having kids, I would LOVE to go downtown to do the Komen Race for the Cure with 60,000 others. The Detroit Marathon is also a fabulous race, it is the last time I tried to qualify for Boston, the first half marathon I ever did (and pregnant too), and I have gone back to do the half again once more. I had wanted to do the full last fall before my injury, and was pretty down for a while that I couldn't. I love running through the Detroit Windsor Tunnel and across the Ambassador Bridge. I love the auto show, Red Wings, Tiger games, and Ford Field. I love Mexican Town and Greek Town. I am really going to miss Detroit while we are gone in Kentucky. Thankfully, Ford is still here, and we will have Ford to bring us back here once our work there is done.
I love the Eminem song. I feel like I have one shot right now with my marathon. The race is right before the move. Right before everything will change, and I know I can get the training in while we are here. I will have so many unknowns after this race in terms of training and schedules, so I have to do it now. This is my shot, and while I am not doing in Detroit per say, I will be doing it in Dearborn. Maybe I will have to come back in the fall to run in Detroit again :)

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