Monday, February 28, 2011

Bring on Spring!

I am so ready for spring! I brought this machine home today! Whoo Hoo!

I spent a couple hours at Two Wheel Tango today getting it all set up and "fitted" properly. Don't I look so much faster now!

Here it is coming home! 20lbs, 11oz, like it is a third baby or something :) (actually, it is my third bike baby, and it is pink and black just like its siblings, although this is my first Trek since my HS graduation present a LONG time ago)

We have no idea where to put it, other than the kitchen right now. We have no garage. Our bike room (aka laundry room) is a bit full these days. There are already 6 Specialized bikes in here (3 road, 2 mountain, and 1 girls Hotwalk- can you spot them all in the picture? They are in it, like I spy or something), single jogging stroller, winter MTB tires, old tires, and toy lawn mower. Oh, and a dryer. We do have a washer, it just isn't in there, and no, the bikes are not the reason it is not in there. There is not a water hookup by our gas hookup. I am not sure who the genius was that put the washer in the middle of an internal wall, but there isn't room for the washer, laundry sink, and dryer on our back wall unless you moved our office. Yeah, not happening. We were also not responsible for the horrible paint on the wall either, but didn't fix that yet, and it has been almost 9 years of living with it. Can you tell we are ready to move????

I feel a bit like a traitor to Specialized, who has treated me very well, but I specifically went to Two Wheel Tango because they sell Trek, Cervelo, and Specialized! Can you believe that??? I knew if I went there, I would be able to get the right bike for me because they could get it, not because it was the brand they happened to sell. It also helped that they were having a sale and they had this bike on the floor (I was able to try it out and put the deposit down a few weeks ago). They did not think the Specialized Transition would fit me properly since it has 700cc wheels as opposed to Cervelo and Trek's 650s on the XS, which I needed. It looks so small, I can't believe it. I can barely stand over the XS Trek as it is barefoot! The Cervelos were not PINK, or on sale, so this was an easy choice. I CANNOT WAIT to try it out outside! BRING ON SPRING!


Colleen said...

Looks great Melissa. You small girls crack me up with your small bikes and tiny wheels! ;) You make good runners though so I should stop laughing! hehehe!

Tricia said...

looking good :)