Wednesday, February 23, 2011

BOB Stroller Canopy Recall

I wanted to pass along this information that I found via f/b today. BOB is voluntarily recalling their strollers with drawstring canopies, because the string can become a strangulation hazard. They are asking that you remove the string. However, if you have purchased a weather shield or sun shield, you need to submit your information to get a canopy retrofit kit. The shields require that the canopy be drawn to allow for adequate airflow with them installed. I just submitted my info for my 2 BOB strollers, a single Ironman and a Duallie Revolution. With it being wintertime (still), my strollers aren't getting much use yet, but I hope my kit comes soon, because once it gets a bit warmer, I can throw on the weather shields and get back to stroller runs!
Please go to for more information.

I have actually noticed Soren playing and pulling with the drawstring, and would always tell him to cut it out, or else he couldn't have his canopy down. This recall wasn't terribly surprising to me, because I had concerns with Soren and it. Thankfully, Soren was old enough to understand "don't do that or you can't have your canopy down" and you can tell if the string is being pulled because it raises the canopy. Keira never bothered it.

Here are a few pictures from this past November's Hines Drive Light Fest 8K, when we got some great use out of our weather shield. It was in the low 40s and pouring, so not so good for running period, let alone the kids. However, the goal of the race was to run and show the kids the lights, so running in the rain without them seemed almost pointless. They stayed nice and dry, contrary to Cristina and I. The kids loved the lights, but hated get out of that nice cozy warm stroller to get into the car!

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Jennifer P said...

New reader and follower here! I don't have a BOB, but have seen the recall. It is interesting that it's something that you already noticed on yours. My double has been inside, mostly unused all winter. Time to break it out - you've inspired me!