Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sporty Girl Jewelry GiveawayS!

While this blog is too new for me to be hostessing any of my own giveaways yet (aside from maybe some Marathon bars or Goody hair ties if you are local :) ), I am happy to be able to share the news of TWO separate sites doing a giveaway for Sport Girl Jewelry!

The first contest is through Sporty Girl Jewelry's own blog:

It is for a YOUR WORD NECKLACE. You need to include your word on your entry and explain what it means to you. The word that I would select is "Endure", as in, "To Endure to the End" I feel that this has a lot of meaning to me. I hear about this phrase all the time at Church, meaning to stay faithful and follow Jesus Christ your whole life. When I did a search on, it had 22 references in the Scriptures alone. Also, with this being a big year for me in terms of stepping up my distance plans, it will be a major test for my endurance. I personally really want to win this drawing, and posting about it here gives me an extra entry :) This contest ends on January 7th.

The second contest is through Secrets of a Running Mom's blog (

She is giving away a $50 giftcard to Sport Girl Jewelry to use towards your own selection. Posting this contest here also gives me an additional entry to this contest, which I would also love to win. Maybe I will win both! This contest goes until January 15th

Good Luck!

PS, the bike trainer hates me. I felt like I was riding through sand whenever I tried to stay in my big ring- I am a wimp and have a triple on the front. What the heck?? It is way harder than spin class! Apparently I am not working hard enough in spin class, as 20 miles on the trainer last night was as much as I could "endure". Neglecting biking (on my bike) since Sept has NOT been a good idea.

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