Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pink Legs New Years Day Run!

For Christmas, I received new running shoes, Mizuno Wave Creations, a pink road ID, and pink CEP socks. I got a great deal on the previous model of shoes, so my mom sprung for the socks too from Road Runner Sports. They have a store near her home. I was very anxious to try out my new compression socks, and was even more excited about them when the weather forecast for New Year's Day was a high of 47! I had also made arrangements for my husband, Ryan, to ride with Valerie's husband in the morning (inside), which opened up the afternoon with the SUN and the warm temps for us to do our 14 mile run that I needed to do per "the Plan" (my marathon plan). With a freakishly high of 47 for a January in Michigan, I could totally wear a skirt to show off my new pink socks! I picked up Valerie, and by the time we got to Island Lake, it felt a bit chillier, so I donned my hat, headband, jacket, and gloves with my baselayer. In the beginning, I felt almost hot, and unzipped a bit. We figured we would run from Island Lake (since I don't have the new 2011 metropark pass and my car is covered with the state park pass until the move/my birthday with my vehicle registration) and then run to Kensington, around until we hit 7 miles, and turn around. This way we wouldn't have to pass the car at any point until the end, forcing us to go the entire way regardless. It was all good until we hit mile 6 or so, and were in front of one of the beaches. THE WIND WAS AWFUL, and we were not ready for it. We focused on making it to the trees. We finished the exposed beach and had a few more tenths until turning around at 7, and then headed back. It was a bit better going back, as the wind was more at our backs, but the temps were dropping. By the time I got to mile 8, I was just counting down in my head until I could have my next slug of hammer gel at mile 10. At mile 10, I could not take the cold anymore mentally. Valerie thought my legs matched my socks, and she was about right! I was bright pink! I just wanted to be at the car at all costs. My legs were cold, my feet were numb, and what I did feel hurt. I totally switched gears and busted it back to the car as fast as I could, cutting a minute or so off each of those last few miles. It was a good run overall, cold, but good. Any long run outside without snow is considered good in January. I did decide that I do not really like running with the camelback and jacket together, as it was too much fabric to get bunched, and I have a really nice painful raw spot on my back. I actually missed the jogger today since I didn't have it to stash my water and gel flask, as well as add the extra effort to make me warmer. It would have been tough to handle in the wind, though. The kids would have hated it today since the water was smelly and they wouldn't be able to swim afterwards. They were much better off with Ryan at his parents house watching the bowl games. Hopefully I can be better dressed for my 15 mile run scheduled for this Saturday.

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