Thursday, January 27, 2011

Red Gold Tomato Giveaway- SARM

I am posting to let you know about the Red Gold Tomato Giveaway at Secrets of a Running Mom. Kelly is a fellow Michigander who lives a bit south of me. Head over there to enter and win some Michigan tomatoes! She is giving away a huge prize package, including tomatoes, recipe book, tote bag, and sauces. Hurry, as this contest ends Wednesday, February 2, 2011!

On a side note, I realized that none of my posts here yet has anything to do with a my double stroller, as it is winter in Michigan. The only action my stroller has seen lately has been indoors, at shopping malls and such. We also took it to the auto show last week. We did let them out at the Ford exhibit, but stuck them back in once we left this area, as it was too difficult to manage both of them out, the empty stroller, and see anything.

I did write a lot about my adventures with my stroller over at Team Compex, and will try to do at least do a recap of some of them here shortly. I will try to include some tips for keeping the kiddos happy. Although, I must admit, my kids have been riding around in a jogging stroller pretty much their entire lives, and it is just a way of life for them. It is how they get to play at the playgroup or go to the beach- Mommy runs first, play later. This spring may be a bit rough of a transition from the fun gym daycare to riding in the stroller now that they are getting older (and heavier), and they are becoming more opinionated. I may need to seriously consider engineering a DVD mount for my stroller, or put some movies and shows on iPods for them for those long Saturday runs.

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