Monday, September 26, 2011

Allied Medal Hanger Review

FINALLY, after 60 days of being in our home, I was able to get my Allied Medal Hanger from Allied Medal Displays hung up and displayed in our home!  Well, I haven't owned it the full 60 days we have been here.  I won it from Leah at Chasing Atlanta, and then got it ordered.  Allied Medal Displays provided this to me free of charge as my prize (the opinions are my own, though, I wanted one super bad before I won her giveaway).  We also had to unpack and hang a few other items in our basement/office area before we could determine the appropriate place for it.  So I am not as bad of a slacker as it may seem.  We also had to go through every one of our over 300 boxes/items by today to review them for damage and submit our damage claim.  This included unpacking and repacking all of our Christmas ornaments.  I finally found the remainder of my Halloween decorations that were missing today too.  Whew!  Sorry to get off track, but I am justifying my slacking here about something that is really AWESOME!

Ryan helped me hang it, and with both of us, it was really easy to hang.  Ryan held the hanger with the level over it, and I marked the holes with a pencil.  He then drilled out the holes for the anchors, and hammered those in.  We threaded in the screws and the spacers, and it went up very easily.  It stands out a nice amount from the wall.  The hardest thing was figuring out where to draw the line on what got hung up and what didn't.  I ended up going with any race where the total distance was 10 miles or more, so this meant 10 milers, half, and full marathons, and all tris.  I wasn't going to do all my tris initially, but then I only had a couple left, and the hanger is sturdy enough that I can overlap some of the ribbons so that they are nested slightly, to allow more room.  It is a bit crowded, but I did not want to have to readjust it a lot.  The edges are a bit sharp, and I did not want my softer/smoother ribbons to be snagged by it or worn out.  All of my medals easily went on, except for my Derby miniMarathon.  This medal has the ribbon purposely sewn with a twist, as it is threaded through the medal and then sewn at the back of the neck, and lays flat, instead of having a seam right above where the medal attaches.  Other than that, I was very happy with the way it looks.  Right now I have left room for the Detroit Half, Louisville Sports Commission Half (I need an acronym for that one!!!), and Boston.  Then I will have to re-evaluate what I want to display for next year.  I'll be broke from going to Boston, though, so perhaps I won't have too much more to add!

Go check out Allied Medal Displays!


Matty O said...

Great review! Heather REALLY wants one of these for when we finish our basement. I think they are a great way to hang the medals, I was worried that they looked flimsy though and didn't want the metal to sag from the weight of the medals.

It looks like it is sturdy though based on your picture.

It also looks more classy than a towel rod, which is what I wanted to use haha.

Thanks for the review!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I have one, I want another, they are addicting, pre warning you

Leah @ Chasing Atalanta said...

Looks great!

Melissa C said...

Matt- they are not flimsy at all, especially once hung up and anchored in. One thing that I noticed when it came was that the "tines" for hanging the medals that were on the ends with less support to them (than the center)were actually angled up a little, to allow for flex when the medals are hung. It is ever so slight, but it was enough that I had Ryan hold the level on the top (ours fit between the figures) instead of the bottom, because the bottom edge wasn't flat due to this.

BDD- You are funny. I was joking with Ryan that when I won, that it meant I could get 2, the one I had already planned on buying, plus the "free" one, but Ryan didn't go for that. I was thinking a running one and a tri one, but then combined them with this one. That was part of why it took so long to hang it, because we had to get the stuff we owned up, plus leave room for future stuff.

Thanks so much Leah!

Richelle said...

I have one now, too. My husband had one custom made for me as his wedding gift to me. :) I plan on posting a blog entry about it.