Sunday, August 11, 2013

Oldham County Grand Slam Race #3- Fastline 5K Race Recap

I am finally caught up with race recaps!  Yay!  This report is being written the day it is being published, and the race happened YESTERDAY!  Woo Hoo!   I think I am finally getting back up to speed!

The hardest thing about this race was lining up someone to watch the kids.  Ryan's work had been killing him, and Saturdays are his only day really.  I hated to mess up his long ride with a little 5k.  I knew a couple people running, and hoped they would have someone coming with them so I could bring the kids, but that was not working.  I did a semi tempo run on Tuesday.  It was more like a midweek long run.  I didn't want to have a drop in total mileage from last week to this week, and with the 5K over the weekend being my speedwork, I needed a longer run early, and not too much of a tempo, but still a little fast (7miles).  I did a slower long run too on Thursday (10miles).  It was a tad slower than I will likely do next week, and I hope to have a slight mileage increase this week overall.  I'd really like to get in some pretty long runs before my first half marathon of the fall.  Running longer than 13.1 is going to really help I am sure.  I got everything lined up finally for the race.  Whew!  Francine, who did the first race was going to watch the kids.  She did this race previously, and told me it was rolling, so not one that I would want to have to push the kids.  Also, with the series on the line, I knew pushing the kids would not be beneficial.  Although, with series races, sometimes just showing up is good enough to end up OK. 

I got the kids dropped off and over to the race site.  It was so stinking humid and foggy.  Bishop Saxey had dropped off a map for me earlier in the week, and it showed the start at the water tower.  I couldn't even see the water tower due to the fog!  Thankfully it burned off before the start of the race, but it was still 91% humidity!  Gross!  Here are a couple pre-race photos:
 Check out the fancy Lulelemon skirt on me above!  What?  When did I go and get all fancy for running?  I'll do a review on this and some of my other favorite new purchases coming up soon.  Below- Courtney and I.

I started the race trying to stay with Roberta, the first place female.  I even got ahead of her on one of the uphills.  Then I just got burnt out.  It is hard to go that fast for that long, especially since I am treating these as speed sessions as part of a bigger scheme, and not actually resting for these.   I had horribly ascending splits again, but finished with a 22:20.  Not terrible considering that it was hilly, hot, and humid.  There were also a couple fast cross country runners that beat both of us.  I think I was 4th overall, but another first in my age group.

Bishop was also first in his age group. 

Courtney finished not too far behind, and one of her daughters, Emma, won her age group too. 
The final race isn't for over another month.  It is very hilly, but I cemented my 2nd place with this race.  I don't think I will be able to overtake Roberta, because something really awful would have to happen, and I can't wish anything bad on her.  I can hope that she has a conflict with the race date, though.  The prize is a Louisville Slugger bat.  It would be very cool to have.  I do have some time to work on my speed, but I do have a mini tri and Soren starts school, so I can bump up my mileage during the week and get more riding done outside in the meantime.  Maybe it will also be cooler.

If I get my name in the paper this week, I'll post that, as well as trying to do some posts that aren't race recaps for a change!  Hopefully I can come up with some things that will be helpful to any new followers I gain from being an official blogger for the LSC half marathon.

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Rebecca Jo said...

Excited to find your blog through the LSC site... I'm in the Louisville area as well -a blogger.. but no where like you are a runner. I do good to finish NOT last in races :) But hey, I'm still out there :)

Good luck on all your races that lay ahead! Always fun to find another runner in the area!