Friday, August 9, 2013

Fall Plan 2013 Louisville Sports Commission Half Marathon and other fun races

I know it still technically summer, and still feels like summer (hello, totally muggy and humid), but school starts for Keira on Tuesday.  WHAT???  And, it is also never too early to start thinking about your fall running/racing plans.  I like to think of the fall as "half marathon season".  For the past two years, I have run 3 half marathons in the fall (2011- Detroit, Indianapolis Monumental, and Louisville Sports Commission, 2012- Air Force, Brooksie Way, and Detroit).  This year will be a little different, but I am still looking forward to a full season.  I have 2 half marathons selected, and Iceman, as well as continuing with the Oldham County Grand Slam 5K series.

I am very excited to be selected as an official blogger for the Louisville Sports Commission Half Marathon on November 10th.  I had to skip this race last year because it was just too much with my race schedule, but I am happy to be running and promoting this race again.  They have made some changes to it- a new course, and they have also added two additional races leading up to it to be the "Fall Runathon".  They will have the Pure Tap 5k (Sept 21st) and the Great Pumpkin 10k (Oct 19th).  As of right now, I am only planning to do the half marathon.  I'd like to run the Great Pumpkin race, because I am a huge Peanuts fan.  I don't really think the race has anything to do with Snoopy, but I like the sound of it, and the idea of having a shirt that says great pumpkin on it.  It is on a Saturday, but it is right after the Iron Horse Half Marathon that I have on Oct 13th, and I really need to bike for Iceman.  Iceman is supposed to be fun, but I don't want to be miserable by being too undertrained. I'm just going to have to see if I can make it work.  The Pure Tap race is the same day as the final race in the Grand Slam series. 

So, this is what my fall looks like:
August 10- Fastline 5k (OC Grand Slam)
August 24- Underpants Run
September 7- Oldham County Mini Tri
September 21- Apple Patch 5K (OC Grand Slam)
October 13- Iron Horse Half Marathon
November 2- Iceman Cometh
November 10- LSC Half Marathon

Its a pretty busy fall.  Not sure if I can squeeze the 10K in there or not.  I'm starting to stress out over how busy our weekends are.  And I even opted to skip the fall session of soccer for Soren.  I didn't want to add those to the mix either, because as you can see it would be a challenge to have him be at his games.  I usually don't race on Sundays, but my two halves are on Sundays this year, so at least our Saturdays won't be tied up by all my races.  I have a sitter for this Saturday, and may get a sitter for my race on the 7th so that Ryan can train at the same time as my races.  With all these shorter races on Saturdays, I am switching my usual Tuesday speedwork day for the Saturday races.  The 5Ks (and mini tri) will serve as my speedwork for the week, and my long runs will be done on Thursdays (like last year), and my tempo runs will be on Tuesdays.  I may switch these around the week of the mini tri and do my long run on Tuesday and my tempo on Thursday, because there is actually prize money on the line and although it will be a short workout for me, I want to be pushing at 100% effort the entire time, and if I can be a tad rested going in, that will help.  In about a month, Soren will be in school too, and I will be able to ride outside on Tuesdays or Thursdays too.

Also, I did go back and do updates for about half of the races that I was missing to get caught up,

OC Grand Slam 1- CBC 5K
Horsey Hundred
Michigan Mountain Mayhem
Triceratops Triathlon

I hope you can check those out to get caught up on my recovery process from the crash.  Still missing are Muncie and the OC Grand Slam 2- Oldham Co YMCA recaps, and then I should be about caught up.  Except that I have race 3 already tomorrow!  I'll get caught up eventually, right?

*FCC compliance here.  In exchange for being an official blogger for the LSC Half Marathon, I am being provided with a free entry into the race.  The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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