Monday, April 23, 2012

Oh No, what have I done this time?

I mentioned to a few people that I was worried about being a little depressed after Boston.  I mean, when you have a goal for 8 YEARS and it finally comes to an end, what is next? 

Well, let me tell  you what is next.  REDEMPTION from that Personal WORST!  I know that with the heat and everything, I can't complain about my time.  In fact, I am quite happy with it.  I just wish that I could have another day to run another marathon.

So what have I done?  I went ahead and threw my name in the hat for the NYC lottery.  Chances are, I won't get in.  However, I was willing to take those chances.  I thought about it at Boston, thinking that I can't go out this way.  I was initially thinking my next marathon after Boston would be at the end of an Ironman, but truthfully, I love running!  And I don't have time right now to train for an IM.  After all, I did try to qualify seriously 2 times last fall, and then once more just for fun, and didn't get there.  This is my wild card.  We'll see what happens.  Ryan will never work nights again and leave me unattended with the compter!  Ha ha!  I couldn't get in touch with him at first (although he was full aware of my desire to do it and my qualification attempts), so I called his brother, who lives in NYC.  He said do it.  There, it is his fault! 

However, I do not want to get divorced over the NYC marathon, so I did get in touch with Ryan, and just before I hit the submit button, I asked if he would be mad if I told him I did, and he just said, "whatever".  Then I hit submit.  Not the most honest way to ask, but I have asked him about stuff this way before, and then made the right decision.  We did talk about it in Feb, with his brother.  This very well may be the last marathon that they live a couple blocks from the course.  This will be Cristina's last NYC, and my new friend Dan from KY should also be out there.  I also convinced Erin to enter too! 

Let's see what happens on Wed!  Wish me luck!


fancy nancy said...

Boston was supposed to be my one and only marathon....then a Nor'Easter came and dropped buckets of rain and wind all over April 17th!! Yeah needless to say I've tried to convince my husband to let me do another since then!!

Laura Boll said...

That's exciting- good luck! When do you find out?