Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Save Three Cedars Farm!

I wish I didn't have this reason to post today.  While checking my facebook, I noticed that my favorite farm in MI, Three Cedars, was asked to close by the Salem Township.  I started crying.  Maybe because I am not running right now and I don't have my proper stress relief, or maybe because I kept telling myself that we will only be gone for a few years and that when we go back to MI, things will still be there.  I should try to enjoy new fall traditions here in KY.  Well, as of right now, Three Cedars will NOT be there.  I am so upset!  I just want to drive back there and do something about it, but all I can do right now is email and facebook.  I remember the first time we went out to Three Cedars as a family.  We went because we had heard about their Country Christmas, the very event that is being cancelled.  They have this fabulous big red barn that they set up and decorate for Christmas.  You can have your picture taken with Santa and Mrs Claus, and the money is donated to charity.  They celebrate CHRISTMAS, not winter holidays.  They were one of the few places open after Thanksgiving for cider and donuts.  The first time we were out there, I remember sitting in the donut hut, drinking hot apple cider, with my donuts, listening to Christmas music and thinking, this is absolutely the most perfect evening!  This is perfection.

With the economy being so bad, it just does not make sense why anyone would want to close a thriving business.  They say the issue is zoning, but why wait until mid season, during one of the 4 months the farm is actually open, to bring this up?  It is zoned as agriculture, not commericial.  I don't know all the details of zoning, but aren't farms allowed to sell what they produce?  However, this has been the case for the entire operation.  Why now?  

Before I get to all the links below, please go  to contact Salem Township officials and let them know this is unacceptable.  I have also signed a petition here:

Here is my family post about our trip last year.  It has lots of pictures, and includes the whole week.  Three Cedars is at the bottom.

I have posted pictures here from when I took Keira and Soren all by myself when I came back for a short weekend.  I made a point to go there, and had a very busy weekend lined up.  Erika has been there too.
This post is fall break, when I ran Detroit, (the top photo is Parmenters, but they are not open past Thanksgiving, nor do they offer the farm atmosphere)

Here is our first Christmas there:

We also celebrated Soren's birthday there:

Sorry to just post so many links and so few actual pictures.  It would take me forever to upload every picture.  Hopefully these links will give  you the idea of how much we love it.  I hope you can help!


fancy nancy said...

What a shame! It looks like you have so many memories there! I hope it stays open...

Stacy said...

I read your story and it is like so many that I have heard recently from others. This is why I started a Save Three Cedars Farm FaceBook page. If you have not already done so, please consider liking it, if you have a FaceBook account.

Susan DeBruin said...

Oh no! I hope there is a strong enough community response that they can stay open. It sounds like a wonderful place. Best wishes!