Friday, November 4, 2011

Quick Update, ups and downs

This post is really all over the place.  I was trying to rest and still get stuff done, and I have about 3 posts worth of material here, but am going to do a light version of everything and cram it all into one.

Funny Story:
Last week, Ryan received a shipment of work related stuff at our house.  He ordered 20 sets of 8 different peices, and they came here because it is easier to ship trial parts to a person and hand carry them into the plant than it is to ship them to a plant that receives zillions of parts per day.  I'm not saying that stuff gets lost when it comes into the plant, but if you are trying to do a trial that is separate from a regular production build, it is best to keep track of your own stuff.  Ryan sent me the fex ex tracking info, so I wasn't surprised at all when I came home from the gym and saw this pile.  8 boxes.  Looked good.

Ryan packed it all up and took it to his vendors.  A couple days later Ryan got a call from his vendor saying that they had some "bad parts" for him to come a look at.  Ryan immediately got all stressed out and ran over there, worried his trial would be delayed.  They handed him a Reebok shoe box and letter.  He was so confused.  Apparently my compensation shoes for doing the test came on the same day as his huge shipment, and one of his boxes had 40 parts in it because they are the same for right and left, so he only needed 7 boxes.  BAHAHAHA!  I am glad to have my shoes.  With the shoe testing, you never really know when your stuff is going to appear, but it is fine and free.  They are production samples, so I am not going to post a picture of them.  The are a stability shoe, not a neutral shoe, but I think I will give them a shot in a few weeks.  AFTER my insane racing season is done.  It was the one box on top that doesn't match the others.  It probably didn't rattle like the other boxes either, but I didn't even look closely at them.  It had my name right on there too!

Yesterday was a sub par day.  I don't want to call it a bad day, because in the end, I got everything done I needed to, but things were a bit stressful.  I am actually super thankful ONE of the bad things happened yesterday and not TODAY, because I was able to fix it, but here is a rundown of what happened.  First, I wake up and check my email only to learn that Ryan needed me to look for his wedding ring because it was missing.  I could not find it, and was really bummed out.  I get ready and go outside to start my car to go to a craft/food workshop at church and not only is it pouring out, but my car won't start.  Won't even turn over.  Ugh!  I called my neighbor who was going to this workshop to see if she had left yet, and she came and got me.  I had tried using my AAA card last night to book a hotel and it wasn't working, so I was worried I had the wrong one since I had to switch everything from MI to KY.  I was glad I went to church because it is only a mile away, and I was able to borrow a AAA card to get the right phone number to call and get my account switched and someone dispatched.  While I waited I made a cute flower for my hair, but I had to leave before the food.  Oh well, I was worried it wouldn't fit in with  my pre-race diet anyway.  I got my car jumped, and was about to have the guy replace the battery when I noticed the check engine light came one.  Really?  I opted to not have him change the battery so I could just drive it to the Mazda dealership after he was not equipped to pull the engine code.  Once at the dealership, I learned that my battery was fine, and all they would do would diagnose the code.  Sometimes that happens with then battery is totally dead.  Oh, and do you know why the battery was dead?  One of the kids had left the rear dome light on over the carseats for who knows how long.  Thankfully, they didn't charge me the full $60 to tell me my car was fine, and only charged me $20, as well as gave me a coupon for $10 off my next visit since they did spend time on it.  And I got home before Keira needed to get off the bus.  Crisis solved! 

The next thing was that I pretty much got busted last night by Ryan about doing 2 half marathons a week apart and 3 in a month.  I was not aware that he was not aware that I was doing this.  I got pretty upset over it.  I am still rather upset about the whole LSC half, but I am going to do it anyway.  He was stuck in traffic next to a billboard for it and called me to ask why I am not doing it instead of Indy, and I said I was.  I am not happy about the fact that I signed up for LSC and the majority of the people who told me they were running are no longer doing it.  I was pretty pissed, in fact.  I love it here, I love being out of our scary condo situation, and I am thankful it is resolved, but I miss having people to run with.  The main reason I signed up for this race is to run/make friends here to run with, and now it isn't going to be a the social event I had hoped it would be.  I know this is stupid and silly, but I totally wish I wasn't running it anymore, but I signed up late enough that it doesn't make any sense for anyone to buy my bib and transfer it because it costs more to just sign up yourself, and I don't plan to lose money on it.  I will just run it before that happens.  I feel let down, I miss my running friends from MI, and sad.  I guess I am glad that I got that out yesterday too, and not today, although I wished I had some sort of master calendar for Ryan to keep track of my events.  I try to keep track of his as best as I can, but he has trouble tracking it.  I probably should have told him that the LSC is not a qualifier and left it at that.  While the course is certified, to me, it is not a qualifier due to the terrain  That wouldn't be a complete lie, but still not completely honest.  I am glad I told the truth, but I am still sour about that race.  Maybe it will be fun, I don't know. 

Anyway, now to worry about Indy.  I head out in a few hours!  I am packed, but still need to get myself cleaned up.  I got the kitchen cleaned, and I need to print out my directions.  I am sort of bummed that Ryan isn't coming, but it is way easier without the kids.  I will be gone not even 24 hours, so it won't be too bad.  I just hope I feel OK to drive home so that we still have a good afternoon.  Our neighbors are having a big party, and I just feel like we really should go to it.  How else am I going to make friends here if I keep going away?  It is this cycle that I am having trouble breaking.  Why is it that I have to go out of town to race with people?  I know moving takes time, but I am having trouble giving it the time it takes.  Sort of like on Whitney last night when the lady said she was 33 and doesn't have room for new friends.   I  have met some fabulous ladies from church, and in fact I am super thankful for my neighbor Amy.  She bailed me out yesterday AND last Thursday.  I don't know what I would do without her.   She doesn't run, though. Bummer!


Susan DeBruin said...

Sorry for the randomness of this question - how did you get to be a shoe tester? That sounds pretty awesome!

Andrea said...

Totally know how you feel about the friend thing. I have been in Lex for 8+ years now. The first year I was here, I had someone tell me she didn't have room for new friends. What?!? I thought that was the craziest thing ever. How is that even possible? Oh it made me want to move back to Chicago so bad but I didn't and now I am glad I didn't. I also used to travel for work all the time & go out of town a lot which didn't help the making friend situation. It wasn't until I got involved in the local run/tri community that I really felt connected. Not sure if it is the age or Kentucky but it takes a long time to make solid friends here. Be patient!

Drive safe & have a great race!

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Aw...first of all, good luck this weekend!

I know how it is to count on running buddies for races. It's so great to have them there, it makes the event so much more fun.

Susan DeBruin said...

Hahaha - now we can really confuse people with the cross-commenting! Thanks for your reply. That makes me super exciting since I'm size 7! :)

My husband and I went climbing at Red River Gorge during our honeymoon. It's a wonderful area if you get the chance to get out again!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Good luck this weekend!!!