Wednesday, August 17, 2011

You know you are a triathlete when....

I am totally stealing my blog content from f/b tonight, namely, Kari and Becky..... 

Back by popular demand: YOU KNOW YOU ARE A TRIATHLETE IF:

• You can have a serious conversation with a member of the opposite sex about nipple
• You consider the debate over of draft legal racing one of the most important issues of
our time.
• You are actually interested in the mile by mile recap of the fairly innocuous
question…. “So, how was your race?”
• You check the race schedule before planning your next family vacation.
• You answer the question: “So, how much do you workout?” with: “Oh, twice a day,
if I have the opportunity”
• You say you went to a race last weekend...and when a friend responds "Running or
biking?" you are again forced to explain....
• The idea of bonking is, in some strange way, slightly appealing.
• A three-hour brick workout is a refreshing break form your normal workout regimen.
• You know the exact day “Inside Triathlon” arrives in your mailbox.
• You buy a new bike more often than you buy a new car.
• Your idea of a romantic evening is to snuggle with your sweetie, sip Gatorade and
watch a video of Ironman Hawaii…and you cry at the end.
• You have been known to scale the fence of a closed pool and swim laps very early in
the morning
• You can use the words "hammer" and "brick" in a conversation that has nothing to do
with construction.
• You only tackle home improvement projects during taper weeks.
• You are convinced that if you rest more than one day, your muscles will atrophy and
everyone in your age group will beat you.
• You are sick to your stomach at 2:00 in the morning and you check the Pepto Bismol
bottle for caloric content.
• Your bed-time reading material consists of a pile of: Inside Triathlon; Triathlete,
VeloNews, Runners World, etc.
• You can't decide what tee shirt to where to your next race
• You think about having sex, but you don't want it to effect your morning run splits.
• You wear your bathing suit under your work clothes to make a fast transition from
work to swim on your lunch hour.
• Somebody hands you a cup of water and you have to restrain yourself from pouring it
on your head.

Also, I wanted to add you know you are a triathlete when you get banished to the basement because you are watching IM montage videos with loud rap and disturbing the viewing of Ninja Warrior.  Then you watch said video and start to burst into tears, not because you think, wow, those people are crazy that they are killing themselves like this, but because YOU want to do what they are doing.  It also doesn't help that I am missing the T-Rex tri tonight.  :' ( 
I'm glad its  been sold out for a while now, otherwise I just *might* have packed up the kids this morning and high tailed it up to MI this afternoon, especially since the weather was PERFECT tonight.  That would have been a tough one to explain to Ryan.

*****Warning, this video contains explicit lyrics******* Yes, there is a F bomb dropped****** (such a sucker for Eminem, I need to find the clean version on i-Tunes)


Anonymous said...

This was so awesome. I love it and may have to steal it for a post :)

We missed you at TRex! Cristina rocked it and again kicked my bootie :)

This makes me almost crazy enough to think about a full IM...and then I come to my senses :)

Hope you are well!

Heather-O said...

Love the post and the video! Only a triathlete would watch that video and be inspired by it. The rest of the human population would think that's CRAZY!

Matty O said...

Great post. Loved the bullet list.

Haha, can't wait for our next race.

*You know you are a triathlete if you always have a race countdown in your head haha.

I'M Tri-ing said...

I have actually looked at the caloric content of Tums, but not Pepto. I also tear up when I watch Team Hoyt vidoes on YouTube, but didn't blink watching "The Notebook" that bad?

L Finch said...

I loved your post, and I'm not even a triathlete!! Thanks so much for your kind comment on my blog. :) Cheers! - L Finch