Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The next thing (s)

Well, I know I said I didn't have any more races planned for the summer, and that may not be entirely true.  Shocking, I know, that I would find some other race to do.  This one isn't really a race, and to be honest, Ryan sounded less than thrilled about it.  It is actually going to take some serious preparation and major determination to make it happen to.  Are you ready for it?

The Underpants Run, as part of IRONMAN Louisville, on August 27.

HA!  It isn't even 2 miles long, but the major prep involved will be the lack of eating.  That is pretty much it.  Stop eating now, and maybe I will be OK to wear my underpants in front of strangers (and friends), because I KNOW pictures will end up on the internet (yeah, I will probably be the one to put them there).  Now, I am not really going to stop eating, but I am cutting back on my junk food intake, and if I had another week, I most likely would be doing another 10 day cleanse.  I was thinking about it ayway, but with the timing so tight (as well as the finances with the new house), I am just going to try to do the diet portion of the cleanse and not the actual fiber shakes to go with it.  That should help a lot.  I don't usually worry about my weight a lot, and that seems to be my problem.  When my activity level is high, I don't need to, but with the move and all the recovery I have been doing from my major races, I haven't been getting in the big miles anymore, but still eating like I had, or even worse.  I am going to try to cut back to eating at Chick Fil A not more than once per week, and that will likely be dinner, not lunch.  That will be my only fast food, and I will not eat the kids left overs, and get fruit instead of fries.  With the move, we ate WAY to much fast food because our kitchen was just not in order.  Now that it is, there are NO excuses for the amount of eating out we have been doing.  Also, our corporate food stipend is gone since we are officially relocated, so saving on food costs is key.  Finally, I will be eliminating m&ms from my diet for 2 whole weeks.  I should not have bought the big costco bag and left it open in the main floor pantry that I walk by a million times a day.  I think that alone has really messed me up.  I need to take it down to the basement, but I want to wait until the kids are asleep so they don't see it and ask to eat them too.  I am also going to be packing snacks, like fruit or a recovery shake to take with me to the gym so that I can do errands after without being starving or tempted to eat out before we get home.  I did that today and it worked great.  BTW, spinach on a turkey sandwich tastes awesome.  I have no idea why I didn't try it before today.

Oh, and the reason I am getting sucked into this is because the ladies I rode with last night are part of the club that is hosting it, the Louisville Landsharks.  They want to win the club contest by having the largest number of participants.  This will be my tri club, I am pretty sure, once this season is over, so what a better way to support them, right?  Entry fee is a donation, and from what I understand the crew that recruited me will not be running in real underwear, more like sports bras and boxer shorts.  I am thinking of a two peice bathing suit with a tutu, since that is more my style.  I'd love to dress up like a Victoria's Secret Angel, but I know Ryan would not have that at all, and I don't think it would work so well to run.  We'll see.  It will be a game time decision, mostly coming down to Ryan's work schedule.  I would rather not bring the kids.  People are saying it is family friendly, but I just there will be at least one really inappropriate person, if not more, and would rather not have to explain that.

Also, with Ryan's work schedule being up in the air, I might not be able to volunteer for the IM.  At least I didn't sign up and now have to back out of it.  It looks like there are still lots of Saturday spots available for bike/gear check in the afternoon, so that may be what I do.  That too may be a game time decision, or at least only a few days to go type thing.

Finally, the real next event is the Apex Mini Triathlon that I signed up for today.  It is a short sprint tri in September, and it is after Labor day (my official end to summer).  I hope to finish in under an hour.  It is a pool swim, and I verified today that the pool is not scary or have a diving well to swim across.  The bike is either 10 or 8 miles....I saw it posted on two different flyers, so I am not sure which is correct, and a 3K run.  Ryan was a bit upset that I am paying money to do a race that is shorter than a normal workout, but hey, there are a lot of people we just met from church doing it, so why not?   Also, if Ryan does end up having to work this weekend, with all the people from church doing it, there is bound to be a spectator willing to watch the kids for my hour or so while I do it if I have to bring them. 

Sorry no pictures for today, but I really didn't want to put anyone I didn't know in their underpants, and I knew if I put anyone I did know, they would be angry at me :)


Matty O said...

This is hilarious!

I have always wanted to do an underpants run haha.

Hopefully Ryan understands and since it is for charity... its all good!

Would love to hear the race report on this run hahaha!

Would be cool if you could volunteer for IMLOU too!

Anonymous said...

I love the concept and the name of the race you chose! I would probably do it too but then would be terrified to be in public in my skivvies!!

I'm starting to get bummed out about the end of the season tomorrow :( I may just have to find one more to do, especially after the disappointment on Sunday...

Hope you are settling in well! Will miss you at T-Rex tomorrow!

Andrea said...

I read this earlier on my phone while eating m&m's :-)

We volunteered at bike check last year at IMLOU & it was so much fun! We didn't know about the underwear run at the time but stumbled upon it. And yes, strangers will take photos & post them to FB! I am proof. I have 2 pics in one of my albums. And yes, some folks were some pretty skimpy stuff! But it was so much fun to watch and it really looked like everyone was having fun. So find something cute and appropriate for you & have a blast!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

LOL!! I didnt even know about that run, anything for charity is always a good thing

Heather-O said...

Hope the underpants run works out for you! I saw video from last years and it looked really fun! Good luck on the dieting! I am really worried about what is going to happen after Rev3. I am like a garbage disposal with all the workouts we have been doing. That's gonna have to stop immediately after the race....ugh!

Colleen said...

It's an hysterical event. You'll have a blast!

And I have spinach on all my sandwiches! YUMMO!