Sunday, July 31, 2011

The next goal

I knew it wouldn't be long before I had my next race planned.  I felt like I left that last post like I had no plans, but that was just because I really had no idea how this move was going to go.  Well, we got moved into our new house.  It is a bit crazy still, but I am super thanful for professional movers who packed, loaded, drove, stored, unloaded, and UNPACKED us.  They just didn't "put away".  We didn't have them unpack everything for this reason, just the essentials and things that we "knew" where they went, like the whole kitchen and dining room.  It was great to have someone else unpack my china, because if THEY broke it, it got replaced for free.  If I dropped it, I had to buy it myself :)  Our new carpet is not in yet, so we are going to have to move everything anyway, except for the kitchen and dining room, so we have been limiting some of the things we are unpacking anyway.

So, things settled down a bit, and I signed up for the Detroit Half Marathon, in October.  I had been waffling on the half or full, but since I took almost the entre week off of working out, I figured the half would probably be a better plan.  I should be OK.  A year ago this week I realized that I had a horribly sprained ankle (from the tree farm relay), and took almost a month off of running, and still had a very nice half marathon in the beginning of October.  Detroit is a couple weeks later than the half I did last year, so I would really like to do well.  I need to get back my running BQ speed.  I really REALLY want a PR from my last half marathon, which was just a month after Martian.  I was in BQ form, so I am hoping I can get it back.  I had a pretty fast half marathon time, I was 1:38:39, but I was in my fastest shape ever.  I would love to break 1:37.  If I do that, I will qualify for the ING NYC Marathon next year.  I really want to do that.  I am getting back to my speedwork and going to work hard to get in some longer runs than I usually do for a half marathon.  Last year, with all of my injuries and everything, I was really surprised that I still managed to do better in my fall half than I did in my spring, but I didn't really train for my spring race last year, so I am not sure if my summer training will affect my fall race this year.  I worked my butt off all winter last year for Martian, but all the tri training and heat have slown me down.  I guess we will see.

In other news, I FINALLY decided what I want my medal hanger for the new home to say.  I figured it out in church.  I want it to say:

Endure to the End

We talked about that in church and I feel like it applies not just in being faithful to the gospel of Jesus Christ, but in everything I do, including my sports.  I thought about this a lot when getting ready to BQ as well as before my first 70.3  I need to think about it more in my life too.  I think this will be a great reminder to have hanging in my home.  Since it applies to everything, I don't need to order a tri one and a running one, which makes Ryan happy that I just need one.  I will have to contact them since it is longer than what I can order online, but from what I have seen on my fellow blogger's pages, it should be able to be done.

Here are a few pictures from the tri last week, since I never got around to posting them:
Colleen and I (she was really 5th place in our AG)
 Kari and her husband Gary
 Cristina and I post race.  Don't let my stomach blind you!
 Kari and Monica
 Cristina and I with our awards representing our sponsor
 Bill, Cristina, Gary, Kari, and I
 Chad, sporting Kari's first ever running sunglasses circa 1988.  I think he actually raced in them.  His jawbones (which were also rather loud looking) were stolen at Muncie.  Chad was 3 when Kari got these.
 The temp on the car as I was driving to the race.  HOT HOT HOT!!!
 My ponytail that was cut off and donated to Children With Hair Loss, and MI based charity.  The accept donatations of only 8 inches, and I had not planned on donating this much.  This charity also provides its hairpieces free of charge to those in need.
 After shot
 The front:
Here's to a week of getting back in the swing of things.  Anyone have any tips for training for a half marathon?  I have never really trained specifically for one, or to have a specific time in mind.  They have just sort of fit into my marathon, post marathon, or failed marathon training plans.  Crazy, this will be my 4th one this year, if you count the 2 at the ends of half Ironman races, and I have not really used a set plan for any of these.  I have my trust Hal Higdon "Marathon" book out of storage and plan to use the speedwork sessions from those I think, but I am not sure about how long I want to run for my long runs.  In the past, I have just used 8 and 10 milers, with maybe an 11 or 12, but I think I need to be running further than that to hit my time goal.  Any thoughts?  I was running super high mileage this spring when I had my killer PR, and I am not sure if I need to be doing that again.


Leah @ Chasing Atalanta said...

How perfect that you figured out what you want your medal hanger to say because you just won my giveaway!

I'm also doing the Detroit half this year!

Heather-O said...

Congrats on the new house and good luck with the Detroit Half! You are one fast lady!

Where are you getting the medal hanger from?

Matty O said...

Wow you have been busy!

Tips for training for a half? Just like you, I have never "trained for one" haha, I just ran them.

I would suggest some tempo runs and intervals though if you want some speed. You know what you are doing though ;)

Good luck!!! Glad the move went well :)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Congrats on the winning the hangar, I love mine

I remember seeing the new medal for the Free Press Mary at an expo, it looks cool

Tips for training, comes back to my favorite sign I ever seen at a race, so when it starts to really hurt, as the sign said "Remember, you PAID to do this"