Friday, July 15, 2011

Amazing Blogger Award and Total Small World!!!!

Colleen from IronDiva nominated me for the Amazing Blogger Award!  Yeah!  And I actually have internet AND a computer (not just iTouch) to be able to do the post today, so I am taking advantage.  Things may get a bit sketchy over here from a blogging/commenting/f/b standpoint over the next couple of weeks, so please bear with me.  I am trying my best to read up on everyone's blogs, even if I am not commenting.  There are a few of you out there that I still cannot comment on, and some of you I can at least f/b, but some I can't, so I am sorry!

My favorite cartoon character is…Snoopy.  This was the easiest.

My favorite thing to photograph is…my kids.  I try to take their picture doing something everyday, even if it is just standing on the porch before we head out for the day.

My favorite thing to cook is… cookies.  I am not much of  cooker, but I enjoy baking a lot.

My favorite way to exercise is…running, outside, perferably through the woods or on a shaded path in the summer.

My favorite movie is…The Count of Monte Cristo

My favorite article of clothing is… my jeans, toss up between my True Religion pair of my Seven for All Mankind.  Jeans are my one and only rediculous splurge purchase.  I get a new pair MAYBE once/year, and try to get them on sale or use a coupon.  Yeah for Piperlime friends and family coupon through Gap!

My favorite flower is…Gerbera Daisy (totally copied this from Colleen, but it is true).

My favorite breakfast is..French toast.  Or waffles, Or Pancakes....This was super hard.  I LOVE a nice carby sugary sweet big breakfast.  The nice thing about french toast is that you get more protein than just sugar/carbs, except I dunk it in pure maple syrup, and top it with fruit and whipped cream.  YUM!  Please note that I only eat this on Sundays or after a workout mid-week.  It is pretty much the worst thing for my stomach if I need to do a workout later.

And now, I am tagging the following people:

Shelby from Postscript
Richelle from Running Toward a Higher Calling
Erika from This Spartan Will
Meredith from This Runner's World

In other news, it is a SUPER SMALL BLOGGY WORLD!  Check out this photo of my newest two followers, Heather O and Matty O that I took at Muncie.  The major bummer is that I had no clue who they were until yesterday when I was reading blogs and realized that my pic was not so different from theirs, except mine is a product sampling shot for the sponsors.  In fact, they took some of the pictures for me that I used on my blog with my camera.  How funny is that?  I was racked just a couple bikes from Heather.  I guess it really was a bunch of us spur of the moment people in my rack.  I wished I would have realized it at the time or especially before the race because it would have been great to do dinner or something.  Hopefully they don't hate this picture, I submitted it to Team Aquaphor as part of my sampling summary.  I usually don't post these pictures to the blog since they are not the most exciting, but in this case, it was too random to not share it!  They have Aquaphor and Odwalla Bars, which are very very tasty!
In other news, my rockstar friends from MI who were at Muncie are in Louisville this weekend, and sent me their training schedule.  Ryan is working, so it is unlikely that I will be able to actually be available to workout with them.  However, even if I could, it was so strenuous that I know better, and I am just too slow for this crew.  They are riding the IM course and then running afterwards on Sat, and then on Sunday, running 20, and then biking 30.  I could MAYBE run with them on Sat, if Ryan was available, as long as I was rested, and MAYBE ride their recovery ride on Sunday if it wasn't on Sunday, and it would NOT be at recovery pace for me at all.  Yes, this is why I am not an Ironman or Kona qualifier right now like them.  Maybe we will grab dinner or ice cream together.  I can handle that, I hope! I just ran today for the first time since Muncie! Yeah, I have been slacking/recovering!

I have 2 small fun races next week, so look for a recap of both next weekend/early the following week.  I'll be at the Pterodactly Tri on Wednesday (my 10th tri of my career!), and then doing the Tree Farm Relay, which is XC mountain biking, and then my season pretty much ends.  I hope to do one more fall mountain bike race, provided I don't sprain my ankle this year at Tree Farm like I did last year, as well as Detroit half or full.  Not sure on anything else, though.  With the move, I have had my hands full, and should be doing more responsible things right now instead of doing this.  I couldn't resist, though!  I hope you have good weekend, and if you plan to log the miles my friends are doing, you are a rockstar too!


Leah @ Chasing Atalanta said...

Gerberas are my favorite flower too.

Congratulations (a bit belated) on Muncie!

Colleen said...

How funny that you got to meet Matt and Heather! They are awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Haha that is so funny about Heather and Matt!

Thanks for tagging me. Today was my first run and yesterday was my first bike ride since the race. Tomorrow may be my first swim. I am slacking too! I feel like that race took so much out of me just to keep going blaaahhh.

Richelle said...

Thanks for the tag! I'll whip something up over the weekend.

Good luck at your races next week! The Pterodactly Tri sounds like fun, and like it would be dinosaur-themed. :)

lilin said...

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lilin said...

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Anonymous said...

Aw thank you for tagging me in you post! So cool!

I will see you Wednesday at the tri! It is supposed to be hot as he'll which may suck :(

I am on the trainer today since hubby is helping a friend move so limited choices for training :(

Have a great weekend!

{lifeasa}RunningMom said...

Aloha! Saw your post on Watch MeGo Run and had to stop by and say hi. You touched me in a familiar zone with the running before and after pregnancy. The running is one thing that is me and has always been me. It is my me time and absolutely keeps me sane! My daughter loves my bumper sticker that says, When Mom gets cranky I send her for a run. :)

Heather-O said...

Hahaha...thanks for the shout out! It is a small world indeed! Good luck on your upcoming races. I didn't realize you raced mountain bikes as well. That sounds awesome! Honestly though I have no idea how you do everything you do with two kids! You are like superwoman! Matt and I struggle to get all our training in and we only have

Matty O said...

Next time we will get dinner for sure! haha, no worries on the picture, it is nowhere NEAR as bad as my race pictures, apparently I forgot to wipe the suntan lotion in on my face... for the whole day haha.

I always enjoy meeting people, so it was our pleasure meeting you. The Odwalla bars were really tasty too!

I love the Count of Monte Cristo!

Good luck in your races! Have an awesome week :)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Cool that you stumbled into my racing buddies by accident

When you come back to Ohio, I am requesting baked goods

Meredith said...

Thanks for the nod. I put mine up today.