Sunday, April 10, 2011

First Ride Outdoors!

I hope Cristina doesn't kill me for this, but here is HER first ride of the season: Shhh, don't tell anyone that the Easter bunny is borrowing storage space in the back of Ryan's truck, so I just happened to have that adorable red bike with me as well. I whipped it out as everyone was oo-ing and ahh-ing over my new tri bike. It is ALMOST as cute as Keira's bike with fairies on it (her first ride of the year was LAST month, I was so jealous!) We have a picture of Ryan riding it in his racing kit covered in mud at a race that is as awesome as Cristina on Soren's future bike, but I KNOW he would object to that one being posted. I picked up a 650 tire last night so I could have everything I needed to change a flat. I am really glad I didn't let those guys at the shop talk me into getting the $20 "bag" that goes inside the $50 black "draft box". It was a tight squeeze getting a tube, C02 cartridge, mini pump for CO2, and a couple tire levers. Oh, and Ryan also included the instructions for the pump, since I have never changed a flat. I have seen it done a zillion times since my dad is a cyclist and former triathlete/marathoner. I grew up with bubbling bike tubes in the sink all the time and think it is totally normal for men to shave their legs. I digress...I also finally put a water bottle cage on the bike since I forgot about getting the aero drink bottle which I really REALLY want since I can barely get my bottle out with the space. I can only fit a 16oz bottle and have the clearance to get it out with the cage I have.

So, getting back to the REAL ride. Shortly after we put the Hotwalk away, Cristina is off puking in the grass. Something she ate DID NOT agree with her, and neither of us has felt stellar since our race. I think I have a sinus infection that is slightly upsetting my stomach and I have just felt off and been coughing all week. We had a nice sized group today, Cristina had invited Kari and Gary, Bill, and Julie to come out. I was a bit unsteady on my new bike at first. We were biking at Island Lake doing our "usual" course. I felt comfortable with the positions, but the bike was so much lighter that I felt like I just didn't have the control when I shifted. It took me a few miles, but then I got the hang of it. We lost Cristina for a few minutes as she had to stop to yack again. Gary got a flat right around the half way point. I stopped and offered to help out with my new "supplies", only no one had a 700 tube. Cristina caught up and she would have been the only one I would be able to help out, aside from myself. Bill was already off to go get the car to get Gary. I had to dodge some vomit from Cristina on the way back, as she was able to puke and ride at the same time! Kari and I got back to the cars first, as Julie tossed a jacket on the way out, and needed to get it, and Cristina probably had to puke again. I think she puked 7 times on the ride. I averaged 17mph for the 15 miles. I was pleased with this, being post marathon week. I also didn't drink anything during the ride. I did not feel coordinated enough, and it wasn't that hot. I'll need to work on that.

We got everything all situated for the run, and Cristina and Kari were OFF. They were flying. Julie and I felt like we were running with bricks for legs and I couldn't feel my feet at all since they were cold. We ran 2.5 miles in under 20 minutes. Cristina stopped ahead of us back at the parking lot, and usually she can't end a run in the middle of a mile. I convinced her to do another half with me and Julie. We ended up finishing our 3 at just over 8pace. Not too shabby! I just can't believe with all the puking, I still couldn't keep up with Cristina on the run! She is hardcore, but also had gotten everything that was offensive to her stomach out, and was feeling a ton better.

Oh, Ryan is watching the end of the Paris Roubauix on TV right now and they just announced that if you are over 5% slower than the winner of the race, you are not even considered a finisher! How sucky is that??? I am glad all of my races I do I just have to beat the course cut-off, not some moving target. I would hate to ride all that way (over 200km) and not even be recognized as a finisher!


Richelle said...

Fun pictures! Nice work on the bike and run. I hope Cristina feels better soon!

Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo! Great day for it.

Anonymous said...

Yay for biking! Go 650 riders!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Nice!!!! I love biking and especially with friends.

ANd I am so impressed your friend ran after her pukie award, I will have it up Friday