Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Boston Marathon 2014- Best Birthday EVER!!!

So, I bet you guys were anxiously wanting to know how the Boston Marathon went, right?  And I ended up doing my blogging about it on the Coeur blog, and not here  (and I am backdating this post so it shows up in the right spot chronologically).  I meant to go back and copy, paste, and add pictures, but since I didn't do that yet, here are the links to the Coeur webpage.  It was awesome being a guest blogger for them and I loved the extra support of being part of the Coeur team.  You can read all about the weekend at these links:

Dispatches from Boston: Melissa


Dispatches from Boston: Race Day is Tomorrow


Final Dispatches from Boston: Our Heart Will Always Beat on Boylston


I need to go back and add more pictures.  Also, please note that while the majority of the content on the Coeur page was mine, Kebby and Reginal Holden had the final edit, and added information about my other teammates racing there and the weekend in general.  I unfortunately could not meet up with either of them, but I did get to see Cristina, Anita, and Stacy while out there.  Its a huge city and a huge race.  It really was the best birthday ever!!!!

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