Saturday, September 7, 2013

Refuel with Chocolate Milk FINALIST! Vote for me!

Remember how I said I made a video at the Ironman Louisville expo for Team Refuel, Got Chocolate Milk?  Also, they found my picture of the kids.  So adorable!

Can you please vote for me?  At this point, for me to advance to team member, I need to get enough vote to be in one of the top two places.  You can vote daily, and for every vote, $1 goes to the Challenged Athlete Fund, so it is win win!  Please help me out!

That's me in the Detroit hat!

Thank you!!!

Also, Betty Designs has not made selections yet, but it looks like there will be 3 levels of Betties.  People are still recommending others on the facebook page, so if you are inclined to help me out there too, while you are at it, it would be much appreciated!