Tuesday, April 16, 2013

2013 Boston Marathon

Yesterday was a hard and sad day.  I felt so many feeling yesterday.  I woke up a bit bummed that I wasn't there this year, but also super excited for all of my friends and teammates that were racing.  There are so many great images out there, I am not going to post any because I just want to get some feelings out so that I can better cope.  I was and still am so affected by this. 

I was talking to Cristina about how everyone did yesterday afternoon, who had done well, and who we hadn't heard from yet, and about her recent race on Saturday.  Then Soren hit his chin and split his tongue open.  I said bye quickly and then tended to Soren.   This was at 2:43 pm.  I walked over to our neighbor's house, to drop off some samples, and then Cristina called me back, at 3:08.  I was surprised to hear from her so quickly, since we said we would talk on another day.  She said she got news from a mutual friend of ours that finished that there was a loud boom, two of them, and didn't know what it was.  Cristina wanted to know if I had heard anything on the news.  I ran home and tried to find out info.  It was while I was on the phone with Cristina that we heard the first news stories on ESPN on sports center.  I felt so much panic.  I had tons of friends out there, and just wondered where they were.  Thankfully, over the next few hours via facebook and text messages, we were able to track everyone down.  Probably the scariest experiences came from a local Dr here, as she was about the cross the finish line when the explosion happened, and another friend who was in medical at the time, also very near.  The hardest thing about this is that had this happened last  year, I would have been there.  Keira, Soren, Ryan, and my parents were all there.  If anyone recalls, I finished with a personal worst of 4:05ish, and then  hung out in the finisher area to get photos of stuff on my camera.  I just felt sick all evening, and still today.  I just keep breaking down and crying.  Between Newtown, CT and the Boston Marathon, these are two senseless acts that have deeply touched me.  I know what 6 years old looks like.  I have volunteered in my daughter's classroom many times.  I know what the Boston Finish line looks like, and what it SHOULD feel like.  Not the sad desolate crime scene that it is now. (2012 Boston Marathon)

I am so sad yet so thankful that everyone I know and that I am safe.  It makes me so angry that someone would do this at the Boston Marathon.  It is such a sacred event.  I remember looking at that finish line up ahead and the excitement of it.  I was worried last year that my race would be cancelled due to the heat, and I would be robbed of that experience.  Now, someone has not only killed 3 and wounded many, but they have robbed so many runners of that experience as well.  There are people with missing limbs who's lives will never be the same.  A marathon is such an emotional and physical journey.  This is the worst nightmare ever!!!!

I ran my usual tuesday track today at the gym, and then quietly requested to my maintenance coworkers to lower the American flag to half mast outside.  I had my Boston apparel on yesterday in support of my friends, and I don different pieces again today.  My heart is breaking.  I cannot wait to run my race on April 27th.  I WILL finish with a Boston Qualifying time, and I will do it for all of those injured and those unable to finish their race.  I will make it back there, and I will finish for them!!!

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