Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Iceman Entry, RLRF update, and Vitamix!!!

This past week/weekend was pretty exciting.  There are 4 things that can give you an update. 

On Thursday, I was on facebook (which is where I get all my news these days, ha ha, if it isn't being talked about on facebook, then it probably isn't that important, right?), and I realized that the everyone was talking about the Iceman Cometh mountain bike race in northern MI.  I was actually tagged by one of my mountain biking partners (teammates) in crime, Kristel, about doing the race.  I had told a few ladies that I would do it once we moved back to Detroit suburbs because of the drive.  Then, I was poking around a little bit more, and Ryan's very good friend and riding buddy was planning on signing up.  At 9pm on Thursday, roughly 15 hours before the race registration would open, I made a phone call to him.  Was he for sure signing up?  Yes.  Then I was to sign up Ryan and I.  Ryan was easily swayed to do this race since his friend was doing it.  I had been wanting Ryan to do this race for years now, and so I arranged my scheduled for Friday so that I would be home to get us registered.  At noon on Friday, I was online and ready to go.  After a short delay, I was into the website, made a quick call to Kent (Ryan's friend) to make sure I was signing us up for the right classifications, and we were in.  Then, after registration had been open for 30 minutes, it filled up.  BOOM!  I am super stoked.  This has been a bucket list race for me too, and I KNOW that Kent's decision to do it was a huge factor in us doing it.  I am not sure what made Kent decide to do it this year.  He is mostly a road cyclist, and has struggled on the mountain bike.  However, he has a relatively new co-worker, Eric, who races for Mark Allen.  I met him and his wife Mindy at Muncie in 2011 if you want to learn more about them.  Both Eric and Mindy are signed up too.  It is funny that now that I have moved, I actually have two events planned "with" them ("with" is used here loosely, as we will probably say hi at the start and the end, since they are so fast).  I also have several other friends racing too.  Kristel is signed up, as well as Stephanie, both from MI.  All of the above are also signed up for Michigan Mountain Mayhem too.

RLRF plan is going well.  I have been hitting all the workouts for the most part, and they are pushing me for sure.  All the workouts are challenging.  I sometimes miss the nice easy relaxing run workouts, but I am enjoying pushing myself.  I did my first track workout today at the Y, and I really had my pride on the line here.  It helped to push myself to keep going.  I really wanted to stop or slow down today, because I had a 2 mile interval!  It was so hard!!!  I also have a 20 mile run this week at 8:30 pace.  I hit my 18 mile run at this pace, so I really hope I can do it for 20.  I missed my 13 mile run at 8:15 pace by 5 sec/mile, but it was pretty windy.  Hopefully I will have good weather on Thursday when I run so I don't worry about the conditions and can just focus on pace.  I am not used to having to worry so much about pace on the 20 mile runs, but this is all about becoming a faster runner.  This is what I need to do.

I also got a consolation prize from SOAS!  Funny, because I had mentioned to Ryan that I didn't get an email with a coupon from them as part of my rejection.  However, a water bottle in the mail is a fun prize!

Finally, we bought at Vitamix blender!  I may do a full review on it later, but I had to mention it.  It is my new toy for sure.  I have used it every day at least once, if not more.  I am feeling a lot more excited to eat healthy when it is this fun to do, and super easy to clean.  I do need to be careful that I don't get caught up in making the desserts all the time with it, because a lot of them have lots of added sugar/honey in them instead of relying on the sweetness of the fruits.  I do feel like I am feeling a bit better with all the fruits and veggies I am eating.  Soren was super excited.  Unfortunately, he hasn't enjoyed everything I have made as much as I have lately.  It must be the same problem I always have with Costco purchases.  Everything eaten at costco tastes better than eaten at home. 


Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Nice they sent you a water bottle! I keep thinking I want a vita mixer, but I worry I would only use it for about a month or so and then forget about it.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Have fun at Iceman, it is a bucket list race for me as well.

Colleen said...

It's fun to be at races where you know people! :) Iceman should be a great one for you both!

Your running is coming along awesome. I love following it and of course have a little bit of envy for your speed. You are one fast chick! Good luck with the 20.

I would love you to do a review of the Vita. I've heard such amazing things!