Friday, February 8, 2013

Tweet Tweet!

So, from the title of this, hopefully you have figured out that I am now on Twitter!  Yay!  Wait, what?  I really don't fully get twitter.  I have posted a few things there that I haven't posted on fb, just because I figure if I get too annoying, people can just unfollow me.  So far, most of my "tweets" have been either running or children's related.  My kids have been really excited that I am following PBSKids so that I am keeping up on when their shows have new episodes.  We are up to 47 Wild Kratt episodes on the DVR, plus the movie (which I was able to tweet about already, one of my first tweets). 

Can you suggest anyone for me to follow?  I really don't know what I am doing.  In fact, I think it is really funny that my only tweet that has gotten ANY response was when I tagged Gymboree, thanking them for fixing a problem with a coupon that I had.  It was CRAZY, because of all the people that I actually know that follow me, a huge company that usually takes a few days to respond to fb posts responded right away.  Now I am thinking twitter is the way to go for dealing with them, if I can't get through to customer service. 

Here is my twitter "handle"  Sorry for all the random letters.  It is supposed to be an acronym for Double Jogger Diaries, but I had to add extra letters for my initials too. 


So, please follow me!  If you do, and I don't follow you back within a couple days, leave me a comment here with your id in case I am confused who you are.  My brother's twitter content is night and day different than his f/b, you would hardly know they belong to the same person!

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Colleen said...

YAY! I just followed you - I'm @cbkingery. Welcome to the dark side. :)