Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ironman Louisville Underpants Run 2012 Race Recap

Not sure why this has taken me so long to do.  It should be pretty short, but I just haven't been able to get to it.  I have a half marathon coming up this weekend, and I just really didn't want to have to worry about 2 race recaps next week.  I am getting into "half marathon season", where I will have three half marathons over 5 weeks.  It wasn't supposed to be that way.  It was supposed to be a half marathon in Sept, Oct, and then Nov, each in a different state.  Fun, right?  And much easier than 3 in 4 weeks in 3 states like I did last Oct/Nov.  Well, I won a free entry into the Brooksie Way Half Marathon on Sept 30th, which is right smack between Air Force half on Saturday, and Detroit on Oct 21st.  I was thinking about going back to Indy again this year on Nov 3, but I have been since grounded.  Thankfully, there also happens to be a race on Nov 3 HERE.  However, I am totally out of money for racing since I did the Ironman.  Detroit was paid for back in January, Air Force in April, and Brooksie is free, and coordinates with Soren's 4th b-day, which we will celebrate at Nana's house with his cousins, so it works out perfectly.  Now if only I can smooze my way into the Nov 3 race here.  There were no pacers last year.  The only one was a bandit runner anyway.....Maybe that will be me this year.....

Ok, back to the subject at  hand, the Louisville Underpants Run.  It is a 1.5mi run through waterfront park in downtown Louisville for charity.  This year's charity was the Kids Center for Pediatric Therapy.  It is great fun, a great cause, and a great way to get the nerves out before the IM.  I did it last year, and had a blast.  I felt like all the training had bulked me up a bit, and I needed to really worry about staying super hydrated/fueled, so I didn't feel quite as starved as I did last year.  I think last year, I didn't eat or drink anything until after the race, just to keep my stomach from appearing "full", but this time around, I just didn't worry about it and tried to suck in for all pictures.  Prior to the race, my friend Kevin, the promoter, was looking for people to go on TV with him in their undies to do a TV spot on it.  Jen volunteered herself and husband, so I thought I would go to.  It was fun, but we sort of felt like the interviewer crossed the line a bit with Jen.  Here is a photo of us at Great Day Live" before the spot.

Here is the crew that appear on TV:

If you would like to see the coverage, you can click HERE for the story, and you will know what I mean.  While I had wished I was closer to Jen at the start of the story, I was glad I was plenty far away after it happened.  This was LIVE, so there were no redos.

Here are a few pictures from the race itself.  It mostly consisted of everyone gathering around with a DJ (I did not dance in my undies since Ryan wasn't there) and news people, and then the leisurely 1.5 mile run towards transistion and back.  Enjoy!
 Me and Jen, front and back ;)
 I think you will recognize his "package" from an SNL skit with Justin Timberlake
 Dan photo-bombed this picture of Rhonda, Jen, and I.  Love Dan.  He is Erin's boyfriend, and was in the bathrobe on TV.
 Dan, Erin, and I
 Shot of me from the rear.  I am wearing nude undies under my undies, which is what is bunching at the top.  Not some weird post pregnancy skin flap/wrinkle.
 Me, Jen, and Erin
 Me, Kevin, Erin, and Jen
 Action shot.  No clue what Dan is eating.  I am looking at the camera in this one
 A few seconds later, I think.
 Group of the Landsharks.  We won largest group.

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