Thursday, March 22, 2012

Awesome day plus its aftermath

I am guessing that the other mommy readers will really understand this.  I am hoping that it isn't just me that this tends to happen to, and maybe it happens to people who aren't parents, but I just notice it a lot more now.

Do you ever have a really awesome day, only to follow it up with the cruddiest day, on account of your kids?  I got to work out 4 times yesterday.  FOUR TIMES! That is including my coaching, but still 3 times is pretty darn good, and it is the way things used to be before we moved.  Finally, back to Wednesday's being swim, bike AND run day!  I was finally feeling like I want to bike here, so I did, even though I had already swam and run.  Cristina posted a pic of her brand new frame, all put together, after getting it replaced under warrantty from Cervelo, and she was at Island Lake.  I was feeling really jealous, almost to the point of crying over how bad I missed riding with TIA on Wednesday.  I'd swim in the morning, and then do a brick at ILRA in the evening.  Darn f/b for making me sad!  Actually, it made me really motivated, and I lined up a sitter, and after my coaching was done, I went out and rode 16 miles on my own.  It was awesome.  Riding from my house is the way to go here, even if it does mean by myself.  Since I am out in the country now, it means NO TRAFFIC LIGHTS and only 1 intersection where I had to roll through stop.  AWESOME!  It was hilly, and kicked my butt.  As a result, I was pretty stressed about today's workout, especially because I had stayed up way too late and Soren got up WAY TOO early, and dragged me out the door to the gym super early.  He was in the car waiting on me about 20 minutes before we could leave, due to the gym playroom not even being open yet!

Here is where it started to fall apart.  Ryan told me last night that he had to chaperone a scout campout for the weekend, and if he didn't go, it would be cancelled.  No biggie, I thought, my parents had been talking about coming down this weekend or next, and I would just ask them to come down this weekend.  I talk with them, and find out that they aren't coming down.  My mom crashed her bike, and just didn't want to spend 3 hours in the car each way.  No biggie.  I wasn't going to push that.  I can still try to find a sitter for Saturday because I still have my last 20 miler.  Why the campout is the weekend, I don't know, when I had specifically said this weekend is one of the worst (aside from April 14th).  Why I only found out about it last night, still don't know, and was about to make a few calls on my own to say I don't appreciate this type of notice.  But, that could be Ryan's fault and not those planning the campout.    I get to the gym and I have all sorts of stuff that I need for my indoor 10 miler.  I chose to do it indoors because my legs were toast from last night still, and 10 miles is a lot to do with a stroller.  Too much for today, especially because I can't find 10 miles of flat to do with the stroller.  I had 2 water bottles, gu, and two ipods (itouch that was charged, but that I didn't want to use unless I had to because I wanted to use it for internet at Chick Fil A, and my nano that needed to run off the treadmill).  Needless to say, cell phone didn't make it to the treadmill today.  I am actually thankful for that, because Keira had to come home from school sick, and Ryan got her because they couldn't get ahold of me.  I was able to get my run, but I feel like a horrible mother for it.  Although, I am actually really glad I was at the gym without my phone than on the road with Soren with my phone, because being out in the middle of the run and getting the call would have made me really feel like garbage, because it could have taken me anywhere between 30-45 minutes to get back to the car, based on the time I got the first VM.  That would have been crappy to have on my mind dashing back to the car, and it would have been faster to have Ryan get her anyway if I was out mid run.  At any rate, I feel like I am totally paying for my awesome day.  Keira promptly threw up all over as soon as Ryan headed back to work after I got home.  Now I feel super nauseated.  Hopefully it is just sympathy pains.  I told Ryan he can't chaperone the trip if Keira is still sick tomorrow.  I am not going to watch both kids on no sleep if she is up all night.  I can't get a sitter for Saturday to do a group run, but oh well.  I can run on my own when Ryan gets home.  He should be back early afternoon on Saturday.  It will make our day a bit cruddy, but honestly, if Keira is sick, what does it matter anyway, we won't be able to do anything with her out.  I have a swim lesson tonight, that I will hopefully still make as long as I don't puke.  I am really thankful I have that, since I won't be going anywhere tomorrow with Keira.

I hope you aren't dealing with sick kids.  It is no fun.  Is it just me, or is this the normal flow of everything, that it can't be too awesome for too long?  It seems like whenever I am away from the kids (or just doing what I want to do for a change), all heck breaks loose as soon as it is over.  Sometimes I don't even get to cool down from a race before someone starts screaming or I get a phone call that I need to be home immediately for some reason or another.

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Laura Boll said...

Oh, yes, life with kids is always unpredictable! I definitely have those rough days. :)