Thursday, December 8, 2011

Am I some sort of Idiot? .....or Something?

Well, you don't need to answer that.  I have done some things this year that are probably more than a little crazy.  Let's just say that this move has made me notice a few differences between Novi ("the land of malls and mansions" to quote Randy Step of Running Fit), and Louisville.  Louisville is a lot more laid back.   Hence, I am now thinking that I am weird for for wearing jeans to and from the gym.  Yes, there was an incident.  I don't think I would have figured this out myself because I have written on many times about how I love me a good expensive pair of premium denim!  It is my biggest vice, if you don't count Diet Dr. Pepper (which I am planning on giving up, except for on fountain, as a new years resolution). 

Anyway, I have been doing a lot of my workouts at the gym lately because the weather has been cold and damp, and Ryan has been working sick hours.  I can't get in a run after he gets home from work because it is just really dark and late, and there is very poor visability around here.  I don't like taking the kids out when it is cold AND raining, unless it is a race.  I will do one or the other, not both.  Needless to say, I have been doing almost all my weekday runs at the gym.  It also means I am quickly running out of all my favorite running shorts, tops, ect.  I also have to run and then swim on the same trip, so I have worn some tri stuff to save time on transitions, although I hate wearing my favorite tri shorts in the pool because I know it will shorten their life.  So, with all this gym attendence (and Soren is dealing a little better with it, but we still have bribes in place with movies, juice boxes, and Chick Fil A to get him there happy), I have noticed a lot of new promotions and new trainers.  They were running 2 promotions in November for free personal training sessions, and I took advantage of one of them.  I felt guilty about doing both last month, since it is not in my budget, either money or time right now since I only get so many hours of childcare and I need to do all my swimming and running there in the week right now.  They started another one in December, which I took advantage of by bringing in a donation for Toys for Tots.  I asked if I could still have a free session since I got one last month, or did I have to pick something else (like a free protein shake or friend 2 week guest pass), and they said I could still have another training session.  I was in a hurry, so I took the voucher home with me, and yesterday I finally decided that I wanted to try a new trainer to get some new ideas instead of one I already tried.  Hopefully the trainers are not offended by this.  I just want new ideas I can do at home, since that is where I will have to do them, most likely, due to time constraints.

So, I do my workout yesterday (in a bathing suit and tri shorts for the run, bathing suit for the swim, yeah, I probably looked like a dork, but a FAST dork on the treadmill, and if you are fast, you can be a dork on the treadmill).  I actually had plenty of time to get cleaned up, thanks to my super fast run to swim transition since all I had to do was remove my shorts, shoes, and put on my crocs before my swim.  I got a good shower, got dressed, did my makeup, and still had a few minutes on my pool key to stop by personal training.  There was a new trainer there, so that was perfect.  I told him I wanted to redeem my coupon, and set up a session.  He made an appointment for me, but then told me that I would want to "wear something lightweight" and "make sure I eat something an hour before".  I was like, "OK? Sure".  I seriously hope he knew I didn't just workout in my jeans with pink stitching that matched my pink hoodie.  My head was sopping wet, so it should have been obvious that I took a shower and that was not what I had worked out in. 

It made me wonder.  I know he is a new trainer, so he doesn't know me at all.  I can give him the benefit of the doubt. 
- he saw that I had a pool key and knew I swam, there are lots of people that just swim (like me in the summer)?
-he didn't want to work me out in my bathing suit/tri shorts?
-he thought I was new to the gym based on the coupon I had?  They didn't give me one last time, and put me on the list right away instead.

At any rate, I started wondering if it was strange that I wear my jeans to the gym.  I pretty much wear them everyday after my workout.  Sometimes I will wear yoga pants over my running shorts or skirt if they don't fit well underneat on the way there, but for the most part, I wear my bathing suits and compression shorts under my jeans.  It is too much clothes to pack if I have to have a pre workout outfit, workout clothes, and post workout clothes if they are all different outfits.  The gym is a bit of a drive for me, so if I don't shower there, I have to come straight home, and that is it for errands for the day for me.  I am pretty casual, but I don't like going to places all sweaty, especially in cooler temps where I can get chilled easily.  I have noticed, though, that a lot of people don't shower at the gym.  I used to think that it was gross, but maybe they don't have to go anywhere, and would rather the privacy of their home.  I don't like changing in front of people, but I also don't like having my house destroyed by a toddler while I am in the shower at home.  That is me, though.  Everyone has a different situation.

I guess I went to a rather swanky gym in Novi before.  Most of the people who came in and out were professionals, and were coming in on a break from work.  Lost of ladies wore high heels and business clothing when coming and going, men wore suits.  There were also lots of fancy jeans.  We had two completely private "family" locker rooms where you could go if you did want want to have to get ready in front of people, and I did use them from time to time.  Yes, there were plenty of people in sweatsuits going in and out, but there were just as many people who would work out and then go somewhere else.  I don't know.  What do you wear to the gym?  I will still be wearing my jeans today.  I am swimming today, and to be honest, my jeans fit awesome under some of my compression shorts! They slide right on!

This leaves me with a few thoughts on Monday's session.  It is obvious that the trainer knows nothing about my background.  He will ask me goals, I am sure, when we sit down, and how often I work out, so that will give him some insight on what I do.  I am going to tell him about my April Marathon, and that I want to do an Ironman in 2015, probably a half IM or two nex year, and run a fast spring half marathon.  I am trying to figure out what to wear (and I am finally doing laundry so I can pick whatever):

A.  Something very non-descript and unassuming, like a solid black tank and black shorts
B.  Go full on sponsored out in either all Team Aquaphor gear or the more obnoxious "hunter" orange Team Stayput get up, or my Ironman 70.3 Muncie shirt
C.  Go the yuppie fitness route with a trendy patagonia tank layered over a black sports bra and workout skort, with my new free reeboks that have not been worn in bad weather yet, so they look brand new still.  I would need to throw on a bit of makeup BEFORE working out with this one.

I actually need to swim on Monday, so wearing a bathing suit and shorts would be most convenient, but also rather dorky.  I am not ready to go that route again.  Thoughts?


fancy nancy said...

Crack me up!! I'm one of those scrubs who leaves the gym sweaty but then again I am only 2 minutes from the gym! I would go with the second option and send him that message, "I probably know more about this than you do buddy!" Lol!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I go straight from work to the gym and if need to go somewhere afterwards, I shower and put my work clothes back on

You should wear your 70.3 shirt, watch his eyes get big and him get nervous

Anonymous said...

I usually wear comfy pants over my workout clothes, but like you, I prefer to take a quick shower at the gym and change there rather than trying to juggle it all with a toddler at home. I'll be curious to hear about the pt session!

Susan DeBruin said...

Option B! :)

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Oh, the problems of a sponsored fast mommy runner. Your post is cracking me up.

I say option A. Then fill him in on your goals and past. I think it will be neat to get some new ideas from someone who doesn't know you, after he picks his jaw up off the floor.

I show up at the gym in my spin skirt and sweatshirt. I usually don't shower there. I'm the only woman I've ever seen in there in a skirt, I know they talk about me behind my back. Oh well, my spin skirt is padded and gets the job done!

Anonymous said...

Option c for sure :) haha! It is funny how people make assumptions based on clothing choices at the gym...really? Mind your beeswax, people and watch out while you kick their booty during your workouts! :)

Colleen said...

I'm literally laughing out loud reading this Melissa! I guess it's funny because I just keep thinking, does it really matter? :) let people think what they want. You, my friend, are too talented athletically for them to even give you a second look. Wear what you want to the gym, at the gym, after the gym. if people have beef with it, race them around the track! :)